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Ain't She Sweet?

Ain't She Sweet? - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I absolutely adore Susan Elizabeth Phillips, she is one of my favorite authors ever! Okay, just had to say that first! Now, on with the review of one of my favorite books in the entire world...Sugar Beth? Did I read that right? Sure did! How amazing is that name? When I saw this book I had gotten no further than the first sentence of the synopsis and I had already decided to buy it, I knew that with the leading character named Sugar Beth I would love this book.Ain't She Sweet is one of those books that you finish, and instantly want to reread. This book has betrayal, lies, love, sex and everything in between. The total package okay?You absolutely want to hate Sugar Beth, but you can't. Everyone makes mistakes and SB made more than her fair share! Trying to overcome her reputation as a 'mean girl' in the town she grew up in... Where her illegitimate half sister is now married to her high school sweetheart... She ends up housekeeping for her High School English teacher... The same guy she had rode out of town on a red hot rail...I find myself not even being able to describe how immensely great this book is, because all the words I put together don't do it justice. In short- JUST READ THIS BOOK.