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Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely Series #1)

Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely Series #1) - I was so skeptical when I started this series, seriously Wicked Lovely sat on my TBR list for MONTHS... I had heard mixed reviews about the WL series, everything from mind blowingly amazing to horrifically awful. Sadly, it was just 'meh' for me.On one hand the plot was fabstastic, the book as a whole was full of romance, suspense, excitement... The whole nine yards! WL totally had the makings of something great!But...Aislinn (the heroine) irritated the ever living *bleeeeeping bleep* out of me! No joke dude, if someone - oh I don't know like THE KING of Summer fae who happens to be breathtakingly beautiful, willing to do my every bidding and whom I also had an insane connection to- wanted to make me the Summer Queen...Where do I sign up? Take me now Mr. Glowing with hotness and sex appeal. But nooooo, not Ash (right?) she just felt sorry for herself and whined incessantly about EVERYTHING. Literally, I wanted to reach through the book and shake the hell out of her! "Hey chick! Quit bitching and do what needs to be done!" Grrrrr to Aislinn.Now the other characters were amazing and so well developed! I freaking loved the Winter Girl, Donia... (Who had been courted by Keenan the Summer King previously) She had true depth and grit, she has what it takes to be a queen! *grins wickedly* You'll have to read the book to find out how she ended up a Winter Girl when she was previously courted by the Summer King...Seth (or Aislinn's whipping boy as I like to call him), I could take or leave- he had several good points but gets even more exasperating throughout the series. Keenan is a complex character if you can read between the lines. There are several minor characters who play bigger parts later in the series that were compelling enough to keep me interested when Aislinn made me want to put the throw the book across the room (which I'd never do because I like my books in pristine condition!) Do not let this review deter you from reading this book, because I did like the overall story, I just despised the main character! Lucky for me I started reading the Wicked Lovely series after the fifth and final book was released, so I didn't have to chance standing in the rain for the sequel. ;) The second book in the series, Ink Exchange is AMAZING... 5 stars all the way! If anything, read the first one just so you can get the basics down and get to the second book