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Zombies Don't Cry: A Living Dead Love Story

Zombies Don't Cry - Rusty Fischer Epic awesomeness. Epic.First- I have to mention some of the crazy fabulous chapter titles of this book! Chapter 6- You Might Be A Zombie If... Chapter 10- The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies Chapter 11- The Zombie Pledge Chapter 17- Jock Blocked Chapter 30- A Pimp Called DeathA Pimp Called Death? WIN. I mean really... It just doesn't get any more badass than that okay?Maddy Swift is the epitome of freaking spectacular. She is delightfully witty and entertaining, she is filled to the brim with raw teenage appeal! I LOVED her.There is one (try 900, but I'm trying NOT to overwhelm everyone) part that I have to mention because I absolutely reveled in this particular detail!*possible minor spoiler*After Maddy gets taken to her Zombie initiation ceremony (YES! I swear... a ceremony!) Dane, Chloe and her are driving back to town and Dane is patiently explaining the difference between a Zombie and a Zerker (the bad Zombies- oh yes... there's a difference). Maddy makes a comment about vampires and Dane looks at her all nuts and says,"Are you crazy? Vampires aren't real! That's pure fiction!"I adore this! Usually in a paranormal type book, once you find out that one species of supernatural is real... then we find out that every myth we've ever heard is reality. Not so in Zombies Don't Cry- Another WIN, to make this book completely unique!Let's talk about Stamp... He's the new guy in school, a jock, and super hot- and he totally has a thing for Maddy! He likes her pre-Zombie and post-Zombie crisis *Awwwww* There's one problem... Zombies can't date Normals. Hey! It's in the handbook and I didn't make the rules! Zombie Law #1 people. Learn it.Oh my gosh, how I love Stamp! Is that totally creepy since he's like 17 and I'm 27? *tears* Stamp is just 'that guy' you know what I mean! He's yummy times 2, but also sweet and nice and uuuum totally built. When Maddy turns him down for the Fall Formal (ahem! Zombie Law #1 remember?) I thought I was going to die. DIE, I tell you! I'm thinking,"Pick me! Pick me! I'll go with you Stamp!"Pathetic? Entirely possibly. I'm okay with that.I'm almost done, I SWEAR! One of my main 'issues' with zombie romance is the whole "I'm going to eat you alive." situation... HOW exactly does that say I love you? That's just ONE MORE thing that makes Fischer's ZDC absolute perfection to me. Maddy wasn't bitten and turned... she was struck by lightening and she's living on lamb brains- seasoned with thyme and garlic, smothered in soy sauce and chilled over ice!By the end of the book I still loved Stamp... but I was totally Team Dane! Everyone MUST read this right now so we can chat about it!!!!