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Forbidden (Definitions)

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma Let me clarify UP FRONT... that 5 stars can't do this book justice. I need an EPIC rating... I'll think on it.Forbidden left me breathless. I honestly can't give a better explanation to what I'm feeling right now... except that I am completely and utterly left breathless! Forbidden is just that- forbidden... or completely taboo.I will admit to being more than a bit nervous when starting this book. I kept thinking, "I must see what all the hype over this book is about... I mean really? A brother and sister falling in love? Ewwww! How can this resonate anything but disgust?"Well, I'm here to tell you- I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Never ONCE was I even near to feeling disgusted by this book. I was shocked, horrified, speechless, devastated... But never by Loch and Maya's relationship.Forbidden is told in Maya and Loch's POV, in alternating chapters. I think knowing what each of them were going through emotionally and physically was extremely important. I loved knowing what each of them were thinking about the same situation.I find it difficult to portray exactly how this book touched my heart. Even if you read detailed review after detailed review of how utterly exceptional Forbidden is- you'll never completely believe it or understand how deeply amazing this book is until you've read it yourself.As I could go on and on about how beautifully articulated this book is, it won't matter because I cannot form the words to coherently explain all that this book is.This is immediately going on my FAVS list forever, and as soon as it comes out I intend to have a hard back copy sitting on my doorstep!