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Graffiti Moon

Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley Right away this book reminded me of Rachel Cohn & David Levithan's Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Which is super fabulous because that is one of my favorite books of ALL TIME!Graffiti Moon is told in the alternating POV's of Lucy (best name ever!), Ed (Shadow), and Leo (Poet). Poet's chapters are written only as his poetry, which YES if it was extremely long, drawn out blah blah poetry would get quite annoying... but it's not! His poems are short, sweet and to the point.To put it mildly- I LOVED Poet. I want to marry Poet and have 100 of his babies. Yeah, that much.I'm not sure why I connected so deeply with him... but he's mine and I'll lay the smack down on any chick who says different! Okay? ;)Lucy is certain that if she could just find Shadow (Ed) that he is totally going to be the epitome of perfect guy. Sadly all she ever manages to come across is his graffiti... Then on the last day of Year 12 (senior year) she misses a Shadow sighting by mere minutes! I'm talking the paint is STILL wet! *tears*She then proceeds to go meet her chick friends for a celebratory night out and in walks none other than Shadow! But Lucy doesn't know it's him!!! *breathe*Lucy is daydreaming about what she'd say to Shadow the first time they meet, and conversations they'll have together... while she is unknowingly sitting RIGHT NEXT to him!!! *squee* Then comes the bomb burst...Lucy and Shadow KNOW each other! Lucy may or may not have kind of broken his nose in Year 10 after he grabbed her butt!! *DIES* I love it! And so begins Lucy and Ed's (Shadow) whirlwind night of adventure after Ed agrees to 'help' Lucy find "Shadow".EPIC AMAZING!I only do this every once in awhile... but I have to share some of the awesome quotes from this book: "I spent the weekend after our date wishing I could stab him with my fluffy duck pen and staring at the phone wishing he'd call." -Lucy "It goes like that for a while, me running and leaping and falling and wondering how doing this proves I have balls." -Ed "Every time he looked at me I felt like I'd touched my tongue to the tip of a battery." -Lucy on zing and tingle. Ahem *cough*cough* Missie is SO not getting this one back! *sticks tongue out*Okay fine! I've already sent it off to the next person on tour... and now I'm currently waiting my copy to get here all the way from Down Under! *tears*Obviously, I freaking LOVED this book- hardcore. BUY this book!