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Forgotten - Cat Patrick I was a bit leery when I started Forgotten, because it sounded like it might be a lot like 50 First Dates. (with Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore) Let me assure you UP FRONT, that it is NOTHING like 50 First Dates!I had a typical *high anxiety* moment at the very beginning (I know right?) The synopsis says, she goes to sleep each night and waked up remembering nothing from the day before..On the first page she is obviously cataloging her day... so she can recall certain events and all (genius if you ask me!) Simple things such as what she wore (um... you wouldn't want to wear the SAME thing twice right? Duh.) and so on... but one of her 'reminders' is: 'Spanish quiz'.Now I'm confused- me... I know I can't believe it either! How is she supposed to take a quiz if she's unable to recall the previous day/days? Just saying... it was something that didn't quite make sense to me.Well it was soon explained! London can only remember things/people/places if they will be apart of her future! Interesting!Here's a good quote that brought it all together and made it all make sense to me,"I will remember it until it happens- and after that it will be forgotten." -LondonI can't even imagine being London... She has this incredible, smoking hot boyfriend that she can't remember (*ahem* keep in mind that she CAN remember people that will be in her future), a best-friend who refuses to speak to her even though London KNOWS that they will be friends for years and years to come, a mother that is keeping a huge, deep, dark secret from her and she couldn't remember any of it if her life depended on it.London can see tomorrow, next year, 10 years from now... but yesterday? She has her notes for that.I COULD NOT stop reading this book! I know that I give a lot of 5 stiletto ratings on my blog, and it's because I like such a wide variety of books. I may give 5 stilettos to a romantic zombie comedy because I laughed out loud and loved every second of it. I gave If I Stay a 5 stiletto rating even though it took me over a week to finish because it was emotionally gripping...Forgotten by Cat Patrick had everything: romance, suspense, betrayal, secrets, love... I could go on and on. You DO NOT want to miss this book. If you do nothing else today- get in your car, head to the nearest bookstore and buy Forgotten. Right now. You will thank me later.*This book was provided to me by Little, Brown in exchange for an honest review*