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Whirlwind - Robin DeJarnett Mel is an awesome character...she is sarcastic, funny, snarky- all my favorite things dude! Her 'thought process' is nothing short of hilarious, (she thinks to herself...) "Yeah, keep up the excuses. Your nose is rivaling Pinocchio's"A delightfully quick and entertaining read- Whirlwind describes itself perfectly with it's title!The first 100 or so pages were like tortuously sensual, perfect foreplay between Jason and Mel. Yum. Jason is so hot like melted butter dripping off- Oh! TMI... I suppose.So begins a hot romance with an interesting, yet sometimes quite aggravating murder mystery twist thrown in.Mel and Jason were too freaking cute together, despite how I usually feel about the 'love at first sight' angle- Robin did a great job with it 90% of the time! The 'mystery' part... not so much.From the very first time we 'meet' the killer, we know he is after Mel. He tracks her all over, but we never know why. This irritates me. There were so many awesome ways to integrate a plot into this aspect of the book. Mel's father was a cop, so the killer could have been trying to get back at him by going after his daughter... SOMETHING.I understand that criminals can be random and such, but since he went to such great lengths to find her- I wanted a reason!!!!All in all I really did enjoy this book! Jason & Mel were so hot together, the romance never felt 'overdone'. As a romance book... 4.5 stars- only because Mel got a little weird at the end for no reason and I was WAY confused about the whole thing. JUST get on the plane chick! As a mystery book... 3 stars- because there was no explanation. I NEED an explanation! :)So I shall average this and give Whirlwind 4 stars because the romance is sooooo worth it!