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Flip This Zombie (Living with the Dead Series #2)

Flip This Zombie - Jesse Petersen Ahhhhh! Perfection... of course!At the end of of Married With Zombies, David and Sarh had decided they were such kick ass zombie slayers that they would go into post Zombie Apocalypse business!Flip This Zombie picks up right where MWZ left off- so ZombieBusters Extermination Inc. at your service! For all your zombie needs! However, this time around they are dealing with an entirely different bread of zombies. Faster... smarter... "Bionic Zombies" to quote Sarah.When they get their next 'job' via a note at a survivor camp (What? You think cell phones survived the Zombie Apocalypse?) the last thing they were expecting was a Luke Wilson look alike- mad-scientist type guy, CLAIMING to have found a cure for the zombie epidemic. Oh... and he was pointing a "shit-load of guns" controlled by a little remote straight at them.DR. Kevin Barnes needs them to CATCH a zombie (Suuuuure- no big deal Doc!) in order to 'test' his cure on the infected. Well, Dave was uuuum- less than enthusiastic about that idea. But, Sarah was more easily swayed by a shower and an arsenal of awesome weaponry! "We'd even gotten one of those handhelp multi-shot cannons I'd coveted. I have to admit, I creamed my shorts a little everytime I looked at it all awesome and deadly and stuff in the back of the van." -SarahSarah is SO my kinda chick! I freaking love her.They DO catch a zombie and 'The Kid' (Robbie-NOT a zombie) ... but the good doctor needs more zombies. (You know for research and all.) Needless to say, they go on their next 'Catch a Zombie Mission' and everything is going fairly smoothly- UNTIL the zombie gets loose INSIDE their van while in transit back to the lab! *GASP*Luckily they crash right outside the lab and the doc saves them. But David is now positive that Dr. Kevin is behind these new bionic zombies and LEAVES Sarah when she refuses to quit helping with the doc's research! *tears*Sarah is seconds away from being eaten by zombies on her first solitary mission when David bursts in and saves the day!!! "He was beautiful and dependable and whole and mine! And I owed him a big fucking apology. And probably a blow job or something, because I had truly screwed up." -SarahYou will NEVER guess how this turns out dude! It's totally an OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD. moment(s). I'm still amazed... Married With Zombies is zombie awesomeness at it's best. Flip This Zombie is seriously DOUBLY awesome and I absolutely cannot wait to start Eat, Slay, Love!