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Death Comes Home (In Darkness We Must Abide, #1)
Rhiannon Frater

Eat, Slay, Love

Eat Slay Love - Jesse Petersen In Flip This Zombie David and Sarah fight off bionic zombies created by the evil Dr. Kevin who regardless of his reasoning behind creating these 'super' zombies also managed to invent a cure (or vaccine... maybe) for the zombie infection!Since the Zombie Apocalypse went down, there have been rumors about the Midwest Wall (WIN... that means I'm safe!!!) Sarah and David are slowly making their way toward the Wall, with the zombie cure- hoping that it actually exists!In route to the Wall, they happen across Nicole Nessing (a TV star from before) running from a pack of zombies. After checking to make sure she hadn't been bitten, Sarah doesn't like the way Dave is practically DROOLING all over her and contemplates throwing her back... Only for a minute though.They get BACK on the road, heavy one blonde, pre-zombie apocalypse TV star and they are immediately bombarded by trucks, inhabited by freaks racing toward them demanding they come to their "camp", because "This here road is our territory." type stuff. They have no choice... "Unfortunately, I felt like we were lambs going to a slaughter, not about to frolic in a field or something." -SarahThe leader of this 'town' (ahem... cult) decided as punishment for trespassing on their road- Dave has to go into 'The Pit' or...you know an in-ground freaking swimming pool filled will 30 zombies! Sarah and Nicole get to go free in order to spread the word to everyone else NOT TO COME NEAR THEIR TOWN. Dude- duh! Make a freaking sign you psycho! "All's fair in love and zombies." -SarahOkay... so now this is the tricky part. Too many details/not enough... spoilers... UGH! Here we go! I'm opting for vagueness, because I HATE to spoil this book! It was SO AMAZING!Does Dave make it through the Zombie Pit of Death??? I'll NEVER tell... But, Sarah finally tells Nicole about the cure that she's got hiding under her shirt... just in case and they pick up ANOTHER stow away ex-rockstar guy!They make it to the famous Midwest Wall, which is actually a HUGE fence, surrounded by heavily armed guards, topped with razor sharp wire and oh- surrounded by a horde of zombies bigger than they've ever seen before. I know.This book is a ROLLER-COASTER ride of crazy zombie AWESOME. Seriously, I was constantly GASPING for breathe, doing the whole "Oh my god! Oh my God! Oh my God!" thing the ENTIRE time. I'm telling you- I love this series more and more with each and every book!