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The Dark and Hollow Places (Forest of Hands and Teeth Series #3)

The Dark and Hollow Places - Carrie Ryan In The Forest of Hands and Teeth we follow Mary and her friends as they escape their village after the fence keeping the Unconsecrated (zombies) out falls. In Dead Tossed Waves, Mary's 'daughter' Gabry, also has to fight her way through the Forest in search of the family she lost... and never knew she had.The end of Dead Tossed Waves leaves off with Gabry and Catcher making their way to the Dark City to find Annah- Gabry's long lost twin sister. This is where The Dark and Hollow Places begins...Carrie Ryan wastes NO TIME dragging us into the dark desperation that has become everyday life since the Return (when the dead started rising instead of staying dead). Annah, having spent three years alone since Elias left her to join the Recruiters, has decided to leave the Dark City and return 'home' to her village inside the Forest of Hands and Teeth.Annah is crossing the bridge that will take her out of the Dark City, when she SEES Gabry for the first time since they were children... when she and Elias had left Gabry alone, crying and bleeding in the middle of the Forest. Annah tried to get to her sister, but she's on the bridge going the opposite direction... taking her INTO the Dark City.Annah learned long ago not to draw the attention of the Recruiters, but she tries to reach her anyway. She fails... She is attacked by the Unconsecrated, by the Recruiters, by men who are evil by nature and then she meets Catcher.I have to say... I LOVED this book. I read it in the span of a day, and while I wasn't a HUGE fan of the first two Forest of Hands and Teeth books- I could NOT put The Dark and Hollow Places down! Carrie Ryan's writing is hard to rival- period. catcher and Annah will remain one of my favorite couples in YA fiction forever! This is an unbelievably fabulous read, and an AWESOME end to the series!