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Jenny Pox (Jenny Pox Series #1)

Jenny Pox (The Paranormals #1) - J.L. Bryan Oh my god... WOW! I had known that I had wanted to read Jenny Pox since Jenny, from Supernatural Snark reviewed it a couple of months ago. What I hadn't known was how much I was absolutely going to freaking LOVE it!As book bloggers we go into every book we read, hoping to find the next "ONE". You know what I mean... The next "one" that makes you smile when you think about one of the characters, a book that moves you to tears, a book that causes you to spontaneously burst into laughter, a book that causes anger to burn deep inside... Basically:The NEXT the book that makes you FEEL real emotion.Jenny Pox is THAT book.I was utterly captivated by this book from the very beginning... We meet Jenny as a child of no more than four years old. You can immediately sense an undeniable sort of desperation about her, and then we're shown why. Yes, I CRIED... on page freaking THREE of this book.Jenny can't touch ANYONE, for if she holds on for too long or bumps into someone and has too much skin on skin contact... they're dead. Jenny's touch brings to life severe pustules, boils, blisters... upon the other person or... animal.After an incident in KINDERGARTEN when Ashleigh Goodling *cough*nasty little witch*cough* basically attacked Jenny on the playground and ended up getting gross, blistery things all over her body- and Ashleigh has affectionately called Jenny, "Jenny Pox" ever since.Jenny has been an outcast after that fateful day.Now, they are seniors in High School... which means Jenny is almost free of the constant sneers and general hatred thrown at her from the rest of her classmates. Since she can't risk accidentally touching someone, she figures it's best that the other kids avoid her anyway.Everything changes the day Jenny's three-legged dog gets hit by a car and Seth (Ashleigh's perfect boyfriend) saves his life by simply laying his HANDS on him... oh and you know as an added bonus... regrows his MISSING leg!Seth and Jenny start spending time together, and realize they might just be perfect for each other. They are so cute together that my heart was just BURSTING... Seriously. "Will you keep me safe?" she whispered. -Jenny "I promise." -Seth "Then I'll go anywhere with you." -JennyI rarely get quite THIS attached to fictional characters... Jenny- I instantly want to hold and keep all the bad in the world away from her. Seth- *swoon*. Ashleigh- wouldn't have lasted a WEEK in my high school. I would've slapped the **** out of her.Jenny can kill... Seth can heal... and Ashleigh can manipulate love... and you will NEVER in a million freaking years guess where this story will take you in the end.J.L. Bryan is BRILLIANT. I adored every single second of this book, the ending was mind-blowing and phenomenal!!! I was completely blown away- I absolutely LOVED this book.