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Descended by Blood (Vampire Born, #1)

Descended by Blood (Vampire Born, #1) - Angeline Kace Descended By Blood is ACTION packed- awesome from the very first pages!!! *Gasp* I'm not even sure where to start! The beginning?Brooke is wicked freaked out and more than a little confused, after a mountain lion in the woods nearly attacked her and her best friend Kaitlynn. What's even more upsetting is she's also sure she saw a MAN beckon this lion back to him after their near attack. (I know right?)Just her luck that some creepy guy with a weird pet would start following her around when Jaren FINALLY decides to ask her out! Jaren and Brooke are so super cute together!!! "Jaren tasted sweet like faded strawberry red vines and bliss." ~ Aww, their first kiss! Red vines?? EPIC Win.While settling in at Jaren's apartment, the man from the woods comes to the door and DEMANDS Brooke go with him- to his 'Lady'. Jaren tries to protect her, but the man throws him off like a rag doll! Brooke goes all Matrix on him and KILLS the guy.Brooke calls her mother, tells her what happened and her mom is surprisingly calm when she tells her to go immediately to her Uncle's house and they'll take care of everything. *gasp* Come to find out, Brooke's mother has been keeping a very BIG secret from her...Brooke is HALF VAMPIRE, born from her father's lineage. Jaren freaks out when he hears the news, and tells her that he needs some time to 'think'... but whether he likes it or not, he's in it for the long haul because the vampires that are after Brooke will be after him too.Her mother and uncle decide the best course of action is to put her in the capable hands of Mirko. Sexy, dark, hot, sexy, yummy, delicious, dangerous Mirko...Kaitlynn, Jaren, Mirko and Brooke all get to the compound and Jaren suddenly gets all goobery over some other vamp chick and Brooke is not happy, "If Ms. Georgia [referring to said vamps southern accent]wanted to play games with me, I would knock her tiara off her head so fast , she'd get whiplash." ~Brooke... yeah, she's fiesty and I LOVE it!Mirko is to train Brooke and help her learn to protect herself in case of an emergency situation. Then after an 'incident' forces Brooke to take drastic measures in self-defense against another person inside the compound- they leave to seek training from a very old and respected vampire...They find out Brooke's secret is much bigger than they originally thought it to be... Greed, hate, love, envy, romance... and death. You will not believe the ending of this book, Descended by Blood will leave you BEGGING for more!My Favorite Mirko Moments: "I'm the man of your dreams. You just don't know it yet." ~Mirko... "Will you mess up my bed with me?" ~Mirko... He pulled away from me and cupped my head, stroking my outer ear lobe with his thumb. "Please choose me." he pleaded. ~Mirko...One of the best things about Descended By Blood was how REAL the characters felt to me. Kaitlynn and Brooke could have easily been my best friend and I in high school. They were so much fun and totally the perfect pair...This book is a whirlwind of non-stop awesome! Seriously. The action is furious, the romance is HOT and the friendships are fabulous. Descended By Blood is absolute vamp perfection from Angeline Kace! I cannot WAIT for the second book!!