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Death Comes Home (In Darkness We Must Abide, #1)
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Tommy Nightmare (The Paranormals, #2)

Tommy Nightmare - J.L. Bryan One thing is absolutely clear to me... J.L. Bryan does NOT mess around. He can have me shuddering in terror and disbelief within seconds of beginning one his books! Win.Tommy 'Nightmare' earned his name through the unfortunate event, that when he touches someone they are suddenly overcome with fear... Tommy lives with his foster family of three brother (who don't go anywhere near him) and Mr. & Mrs. Tanner.Mr. Tanner is a cruel, hateful, cold-hearted man (if you can call him that... I, however have a few other choice words) who puts Tommy through a living hell everyday.Tommy ends up in jail... where he sees ASHLEIGH on TV, preaching about abstinence! He can't shake the feeling that he knows her, or is supposed to know her! That SHE is the answer to all his questions... So he breaks out of jail to hunt her down!Meanwhile, back in Fallen Oaks Seth and Jenny are dealing with the CDC that have come to town after an unexplainable outbreak of... disease... that wiped out most of the town a few days prior.When Tommy shows up in Fallen Oaks only to find Ashleigh gone... he is furious. He finds out who is responsible, and immediately seeks out Jenny and Seth. The meeting doesn't go well after Tommy attacks them, and Jenny unleashes her Jenny Pox on him.Tommy survives... and goes in search of Esmerelda - the girl of Tommy Nightmare's dreams... ;)Jenny and Seth have been growing apart *tears* and Seth won't stand up to his parents who want him to go away to college and don't even know he is dating Jenny! MAJOR Seth fail. And then we meet Alexander... we catch extremely intriguing glimpses of him throughout the book, and you know... in Jenny's dreams! *dying*JL Bryan completely and UTTERLY blew me away for a second time in less than two weeks! His ability to interweave Jenny Pox and Tommy Nightmare so completely seamlessly was absolute perfection. Bryan's characters are amazing, his writing is beyond extraordinary.Tommy Nightmare is absolutely captivating, you will be BEGGING JL Bryan for the third book... I know I have been. *sigh*