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Firelight (Firelight Series)

Firelight (Firelight Series) - In YA paranormal fiction, all too often we have vamps, werewolves and the like thrown in our faces over and over and over again, and for me this can get a tad repetitive. ;) In Firelight, one of the things that instantly drew me into Jacinda's world was that she was a draki... (a dragon) AWESOME right?And come on- the inside flap had me dying to read this... dragons or not, "A HIDDEN TRUTH. MORTAL ENEMIES. DOOMED LOVE."Jacinda is the first fire-breather born to her pride in over 400 years, which makes her quite the sought after commodity. Cassian, the future alpha is determined to have Jacinda as his mate... but at what cost to herself? Jacinda condemns her fire-breathing and her great speed because they make her stand out...Until the day the hunter's unkknowingly break up her already forbidden DAYLIGHT flight, then she is extremely grateful for both of her unusual qualities. Her attempt to escape the hunters does not go as she had hoped... Injured, she jumps into freezing water to take shelter in a cave and a hunter jumps in after her!Too frightened to change from her draki form, she is still very much a dragon as the hunter... Will... approaches her, slowly taking in the amazing sight before him. He reaches out and says one word, "Beautiful." Then he is gone and tells the hunters that he couldn't find her!Cassian is furious when she returns and for Jacinda's non-compliance his father now demands that she is to become Cassian's mate immediately! Her mother will NOT have it, she takes Jacinda and her sister Tamra away in the middle of the night to a city outside Vegas. The dry air and desert heat will supposedly aide in killing the draki inside her.Letting her draki die is the last thing that Jacinda wants, she has decided to keep it alive within her- no matter what the cost! At school, she senses something that makes the hair on the back of her neck stand on end... A hunter... WILL! At once her draki comes alive and she knows what she has to do. She has to be around Will for her draki, so what if his kisses leave her weak in the knees?Above all, she must remember that Will and his entire family have hunted the draki for centuries... it was out of pure terror that she manifested in front of his entire family, and her sister... and Cassian, who had come to take her home to the pride.I read Firelight in the span of a day! Jacinda is a freaking awesome heroine, her and Will completely set the pages on FIRE! (get it?) Sophie Jordan's world of the draki life was depicted gorgeously and was utterly unique to me in every way! Complete perfection!My only complaint was their, "I want you- Get away from me." back and forth, over and over. I get why they BOTH needed to stay away from the other, but I can't tell you how happy I was when Will finally said, "I want to be with you Jacinda." he shakes his head. "I'm done fighting it."4.5 Stars!