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Vanish (Firelight Series)

Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan At the close of Firelight, Jacinda had revealed herself to the hunter's in order to save Will's life after Cassian had shown up and went all, "You belong to me." on her. Narrowly escaping the hunters, they collect their mother before Cassian has them in the car and already returning them to their pride 's home in the mountains.This is literally where Vanish picks back up! No, seriously... they had almost made it out of town, when the hunters surround their car! Will is nowhere to be seen, but his family is relentless. The hunters beat Cassian to the ground, as the air around them begins to shift and change... I won't tell you what happens, but- Oh. My. God.Anytoobadyouhavetoreadit... When Jacinda returns to the pride, so returns the threat of having her wings clipped by the elders for her continued disobedience in the first book. Cassian has promised to do whatever he can to ensure her safety, but Jacinda can't forget Will...Just when she is sure all is lost, no one speaks to her and she's treated as a pariah- Cassian comes to her, "My feelings haven't changed for you, Jacinda. Even if you drive me crazy, here, in the pride... you're still that single bright light for me." ~CassianUm YEAH. Lets' pause for a moment and have a Team Cassian moment...Never fear, I was a complete fictional boy toy "chick with no inhibitions" in this book- so I switched teams as often as I turned the pages okay? I couldn't choose!!!Jacinda has accepted that she has to let Will go. But, does that mean can she really take the ONE person her sister has always loved? Cassian swears that his feelings for her are true, and run deeper than just because she's a fire-breather. Can she trust him?Then WILL SHOWS UP... but is he too late?! Cassian's sister is taken by the hunters, aka: Will's family, while she is spying on Jacinda! Oh yeah! Did I mention the BEAR?This book was freaking fabulous! Like Firelight, I read this in one sitting! Yet again, my only complaint was the back and forth between not only Jacinda and Will, but also her and Cassian! So many feelings for everyone, I was on overload!I found myself rooting for Cassian through most of Vanish, unlike in Firelight when I desperately loved Will! Then Will would fight his way onto the page and back into my heart... Like I said, I switched teams OFTEN in this book!Sophia Jordan has weaved us a tangled web in Vanish and I'm already wishing for the third installment of the Firelight series!4.5 Stars!