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Eve (Eve, #1)

Eve (Eve, #1) - Anna Carey Eve starts with a letter... A heartbreaking letter from mother to daughter. "I know I will die soon. The plague is taking everyone who was given the vaccine."*tears*Years later, Eve is about the graduate- as valedictorian at the top of her class. To her, there is no higher honor. Soon she will walk across the bridge to the 'finishing school' where she will begin the equivalent of college in this post apocalyptic world... Or so she has been told her whole life.Lately things have been different at school, the teachers making them take their vitamins, eat more and more... and they've been obsessively tracking each girl's monthly cycle. *RED FLAG* When Eve catches Arden (the school trouble-maker/snob) trying to LEAVE school property- which is totally NOT allowed, she threatens to tell on her if she does anything to ruin graduation day. Then Arden tells Eve what awaits her on the other side of the bridge... They are to be bred, like animals to repopulate the Earth.Oh. My. God.With the help of an unlikely accomplice, Eve escapes the school. Then finds herself scared,unable to properly fend for herself and ALONE. Until, by chance she runs into Arden... and then she meets... *swoon* Caleb. While she's obviously very leery of him in the beginning, after Arden falls ill and Caleb offers to take them back to his camp, she has no other option but to put her trust in a MAN!Oh, how sweet it is... You know those love stories that leave a lump in your throat? Eve and Caleb's romance is one of those! "Did he know that he'd worked his way into my dreams, where I missed him, even in sleep?" ~EveShe's wrongly accused, sold out, offered as 'payment', taken hostage and SHOT at! You MUST read this book!!!!Honestly, at first I was OUTRAGED by this ending!!! I gave it 4 stilettos and thought I was being generous! Because I DEVOURED this book... LOVED EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY SECOND... until the end- which KILLED ME.This is until I realized that this is part of a trilogy! DUH... Brunette was having a horrible case of misunderstanding! I have no problem with cliff hangers... leaves me begging for the next book, which is kinda the point, correct? But, I thought this was a stand alone book and I was SO mad. Now, I'm not- so all is well in the world again after I read this on Anna Carey's website: Yes—Eve is a trilogy. I’ve always known the first book was the beginning of a larger story. Sometimes I can’t imagine containing it to even three books. ~ from Anna Carey's Q&A sectionHUGE sigh of relief... because this book is AMAZING!! Fast-paced, totally romantic- in a tragic kind of way... HORRIFYING because I can think of no worse fate than the one Eve was almost forced into.