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Rhiannon Frater

Dark Parties

Dark Parties - Sara Grant Neva and her friends are told there is nothing beyond the clear walls that make up the dome of what is known as the Protectosphere. That everything "outside" was destroyed, and the world in theory "began" when Protectosphere went up.People are disappearing- friends, family, strangers... neighbors. Neva has kept a journal of every missing person she's noticed since the government took her Grandmother away when she was six. Now more and more people are disappearing everyday, and Neva and her friends have decided to take a stand.They get all their friends together, turn out the light and start making out. No- I'm completely serious!!! It's a rebellion of sorts because they've all taken vows not to go 'all the way'. The government deems them adults at 16, wants them to get married and start procreating immediately- so by NOT having sex they are defying the government.Sanna (Neva's best friend) announces their rebellion in the dark, asking for reinforcements. Of the many people at this party, very few remain when the lights come back on after their bold declaration. Neva's boyfriend Ethan isn't among those who stayed... but Braydon the guy she shared a hot, steamy, melt your toes kiss with moments before- does... Did I mention Braydon is Sanna's boyfriend?Dark Parties started out SO freaking awesome! Totally mysterious, the story kept skirting around, and not quite giving me enough to get all the details of what the Protectophere was really about. Which would usually irritate me to no end- but I was extremely intrigued!This book is fast paced and WICKED suspenseful! Yet really romantic, sweet and sensual... There's death, betrayal and most of all hope... I'm giving it a 4 because I REALLY disliked the ending. It just STOPPED- Um... what? WHAT??? Hopefully there will be a sequel... because I could definitely use some more Braydon!