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Wander Dust

Wander Dust - Michelle Warren Seraphina is pretty sure that not making a wish before her candles went out on her sixteenth birthday is a bad omen... I can rationalize this by the fact that the candles almost set her on fire soon after and she sees the Lady in Black the very first time that night!Happy freaking birthday!One day after two weeks of horrific nightmares about the Lady in Black stalking her and setting her house on fire... There's an envelope for Seraphina containing nothing but a picture of a boy, "His eyes were sparkling green, the color of a deep tropical ocean. A nest of thick, dark lashes surrounds them. His gaze speaks to me, even though I don't know him. He's beautiful on so many levels that I wonder if the picture is part of a dream, one infinitely better than what I've been having."(Her attachment to this picture was haltingly creepy until it was explained LATER and I understood... just saying.)I was still a bit confused as to what was going ON when things start happening and Sera is sent to live with her Aunt Mona and has to go to "school"... It's impossible to review this book and not give some things away... So I suppose I'll be a spoil sport here, because I'm sleepy and I still feel a bit all over the place!Time travel... Well, I've never read a time travel book before this one- and honestly, I rather liked it! Max Bishop... Dude, be ready to SWOON, fall down and die happy! He is EPIC hot, sexy and sweet! Seraphina is sassy, funny and borderline ridiculous at times!SOMETHING about this book just didn't 'click' with me, I can't pinpoint it exactly... It took me two weeks to finish it, even though it was a good read. Wander Dust is humorous, suspenseful, witty and exciting- and duh, has a GORGEOUS cover!!!This was my favorite quote in the book... but I couldn't seem to stick it in there without going into a HUGE long review, so here you go: "The first conversation the woman ever initiated with me was about lip gloss. Then she blew me away with her follow up discussion about her collection of garden gnomes." -about her Dad's girlfriend