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Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel

Pretty When She Dies - Rhiannon Frater This book was recommended to me by one of my bloggy BFF's, Missie @ The Unread Reader- and combined with the fact that it was written by Rhiannon Frater, who as you all know, pretty much BLOWS my freaking mind with the expanse of her awesomeness. Needless to say, I was wicked excited to start Pretty When She Dies!Tattooed, pierced, stiletto wearing Amaliya wakes up- BURIED IN THE GROUND. She's panicked and scared but manages to dig herself out... And all she knows is that she has to get home, and she's feeling a little bit insane at the moment!After a bloody night spent 'feeding', the reality of what she has become is crystal clear. Her professor of psychology is actually a centuries old vampire known to most as 'The Summoner' for his ability to command the dead to do his will. I KNOW RIGHT?! So she does the only thing that she can think to do, she goes 'home'.Amaliya's version of home is my version of hell- twice over. Her father is a mean SOB, who married her cousin- RIGHT AFTER her mother died of cancer. Her aunt is a toothless biotch, spat from bowels of Satan himself... As you can imagine, they weren't all that sympathetic to Amaliya's predicament and throw her out almost immediately after her arrival.Amaliya is walking down the highway wondering how her life turned out like THIS- when Pete, (awwww... Pete!) an old friend, pulls up next to her and offers her a ride... *winks*After a few hours of INTENSE, passionate lovemaking and him confessing his long-standing love for her... things start to go horribly astray when he flips on the light and finds that she has no reflection in the mirror!!! Yeah... OMG.Making her way to Dallas to see her Grandmama (duuuuude, Grandmama is the highlight of my LIFE. Loved her!) she hitches a ride with a chick and quickly realizes it was NOT a good plan!"Not even five minutes had passed and now she had to deal with a batshit crazy woman.""It was freaking hard to be a poor ass Texan vampire."I LOVED Amaliya. Seriously, she was rock your face off AWESOME! As were ALL the characters in Pretty When She Dies! After her very 'exciting' visit with Grandmama and cousin she heads to Austin hoping to find another vampire to understand her new life... since her creator is obviously going to be more trouble than anything else!In Austin she meets Cian, who is engaged to the very HUMAN, very sweet, fun, and somewhat naive Samantha! Things start to get a tad out of control between Cian and Amaliya... and by 'out of control, I mean H-O-T. Yummy hot."She had woken up determined to learn what she could from him and then go off and find her own Rob Zombie lookalike. Or a young Ozzy Osbourne clone that would be nice. Or maybe both."Sam realizes she losing Cian and goes to a lecture on the supernatural, which is being given by a freaking VAMPIRE HUNTER! And she opens her big mouth and tell Jeff EVERYTHING about Cian and Amaliya...Roberto, Cian's right hand man, has grown tired of Amaliya's influence in Cian and his life and goes to DRASTIC measures to rid them of her presence!!!!There is an EPIC fight between The Summoner, and those he created... and Amaliya finds she has a LOT more power than she originally thought! *SQUEE* I can't wait for you to find out what it is!! You'd never believe me if I told you who fights on their side, and who ends up betraying them in the end..."Love and hate were not so different when passion was involved."~ Not telling you who says this!Hands down, Pretty When She Dies is one of my FAVORITE reads of this year! Easily, one of the BEST vampire books I've ever read!Love, betrayal, murder... Romantic, funny and horrific... Amazingly compelling characters and an intensely fantastic plot! Theses are things that only Rhiannon Frater could blend together and make something this EPIC.