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Death Comes Home (In Darkness We Must Abide, #1)
Rhiannon Frater

Vs. Reality (Vs. Reality, #1)

Vs. Reality (Vs. Reality, #1) - Blake Northcott,  Jim Deley,  Jennifer  Joseph "I'm going to die. Right here, right now."DUDE. First freaking line!!! Right? First, we are witness to the near attack of a woman, who is "saved" by Goto and Mr. Heinreich only to have THEM turn around and abduct- I mean take her in for 'processing' and take her to 'The Basement'. Then we meet Marcus Mitchell as he gets the crap kicked out of him inside The Octagon (extreme fighting) and then his coach telling him he's lost whatever it was that used to make him great... I'm assuming it's this Kimberly chick they keep mentioning! After the fight his best friend, Jens appears in an attempt to cheer him up, "Jens is now smiling from ear to ear - the type of smile that usually signals to Donovan that there is a distinct possibility that they'll be running from the police at some point in the evening."I'm not in the mood to play Halo and do bong hits in your dad's basement, but I appreciate the offer."Jens takes him to a high end night club, and it's there that Donovan meets Dia. Everything's going great until she spots Heinriech in the crowd and suggests they leave immediately... Except out in the parking lot they run in to Goto who appears to have been waiting on them! And here is where it gets wicked exciting!I can't get into the plot without giving it all away, but I was totally impressed! There were certain aspects that weren't quite "for me" but that's neither here nor there- because Vs. Reality was fast paced and exciting, risky and had wicked awesome characters! Vs. Reality is a must read for any action/adventure fan with a taste for Sci-Fi/fantasy! Complete with a twist at the end that leaves you totally wishing for the next book!!