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The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1)

The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines I freaking DEVOURED this book in one sitting! Seriously!!! I rarely read get to read contemporary books, and this one completely blew me away! Okay, okay...Ash, Beau and Sawyer were best friends... thick as thieves... well, Ash and Beau were probably the thieves... Off track! Off track! Ash, Beau and Sawyer were best friends while they were growing up... Then they got into high school and Sawyer laid his claim on Ash, before Beau ever saw it coming. "I've never envied [Sawyer] anything, until the day I watched from across the football field as he picked you up and kissed you on the mouth ... I wanted to plant my fist in his face and rip you out of his arms." ~BeauBeau tried not to hate HIS COUSIN, Sawyer for taking Ash from him... since Sawyer was really the only family he ever had that really cared about him and Beau REALLY tried to stop loving Ash. He raised hell, and had procured himself quite a reputation with the ladies by the time they all reached their Senior year. *swoon* "Girl, ain't a boy in this town can hold a candle to Beau with his shirt off."You see Sawyer is out of town... and Ash runs into Beau one night, "The oxygen entering my lungs stalled when I saw Beau standing in my kitchen. Black had always looked good on him but having him stand in my kitchen in a tight black t-shirt and a pair of low riding jeans made me a little dizzy." ~AshThe Vincent Boys is told in alternate POV's of Ash and Beau, and it was PERFECT. First love... not knowing up from down, uncertainty, second guessing yourself and wondering if the choices you made were the right ones or not. "Right now, all I want is you." ~AshPerfect read for older teens or a 28 year old woman... as it contains some "mature content". I cannot even tell you how much I loved this book, seriously- I laughed, I cried... I was completely in LOVE with these characters! Fantastic contemporary romance to add to your TBR!