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Gravity - M. Leighton Awww! Peyton has had THE BIGGEST CRUSH on her brother’s best friend Trace, for YEARS! But seeing as how HE’S her bro’s BFF, she knows that’s all it will ever be. *sigh*Or is it?Brady’s throwing an EPIC party to celebrate their 18th birthday, when something starts to happen… Peyton is beyond feeling the, “OMG!!!! He looked at me!” and is experiencing a much more physical and emotional PULL TO Trace… and it’s almost like he he can feel it too.On the stroke of midnight the WORLD shifts (not really- I’m being dramatic), realities are altered and NOTHING will ever be the same. Trace and Brady are straining to maintain a friendship they’ve spent years building. Peyton and Trace… Brady and Lacey… and the darkness that threatens them all.Peyton now feels a DESPERATE need for Trace, like she’s never known… And all three of them are drastically changing (YOU WILL NEVER GUESS) and it took me by COMPLETE surprise so I HOPE HOPE HOPE you DO NOT read any spoilery sort of reviews- because I so didn’t see what happened coming!!!! It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to write the rest of this review without revealing the freaking secret- but you know me and I’m going to anyway!The mythology, the sheer imagination and the imagery I was presented with in this book blew my freaking mind! I LOVED IT, I devoured it, I could NOT get enough of it! I REALLY want to go into the characters and their roles because they were SO FREAKING COOL- but I can’t because it will ruin the story… I’ve been thinking of which ones I could do without giving too much away and I THINK I’ve done it!Jace:Right before my eyes, I saw Jace’s face turn an inky black color, his skin slick and shiny. His features thinned and stretched into a long wicked looking beak that ended in a sharp silvery hook.RIGHT?! And that’s not even the HALF of it!!! Wait until you find out what he IS, and what he can DO…Succubus:And then I saw her change.It was as though **** sprouted plumage like a peacock. Dozens of nearly-translucent feather-like appendages arose from her shoulders, stretching out to either side and high above her head. They twitched and fluttered, bending lazily toward **** and waving their delicate tips hypnotically in his direction.I KNOW! Okay, now I realize I used two examples that were bird-like… But let me assure everyone that this ISN’T a BIRD book or anything! These descriptions FASCINATED me! And the origins of the mythology was SO AWESOME! Seriously, I feel at a loss for words.Besides all the awesome mythological/paranormal aspects that completely ROCKED- the characters were FABULOUS and so much FUN! I loved Peyton’s best friend Lacey, she was a riot!!! And Peyton was a strong, amazing, kick-butt heroine!!! “Dude, if your brother wasn’t perfect and just about ready to fall madly in love with me, Tanner Sloan would be my next choice.” ~Lacey (It’s fairly obvious why I loved her right?)______________________________________________ “A lesser-determined girl would’ve withered in the face of such scathing looks. But I was no such girl.” ~Peyton_______________________________________________ “We were made for each other. Can’t you feel it? Can’t you see that we make each other stronger?” ~Trace_______________________________________________I’ll be the FIRST to admit that I am 100% in LOVE with TRACE. *swoon* … *dies* … *take me NOW because you’re 18* (uuum birthday remember?)I have personally never read anything with so many varying degrees of paranormal mythologies, or that were blended so WELL together! Leighton has brought everything we love about YA paranormal and given us something brand freaking NEW! I CANNOT wait for the second book in the Gravity series!