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Glimmer - Imagine if you will, waking up with no memories… I’m talking NONE. Zero, zilch, nada. You cant even remember your own NAME! Much less the guy’s name who happens to be laying next to you… NAKED.What would your first thought be? I know what MINE would be… HOLY %&*#!!! To say the very least.“This is the place where I’m going to die too. I know this, but I am not afraid.”Marshall and Elyse have NO IDEA how they ended up NAKED and in bed together… They don’t remember ANYTHING at all. Not even their own names! HIM AND HER… this is how the first few chapters of Glimmer are titled. Alternating POV’s between Marshall (HIM or Dark-eyed boy) and Elyse (HER).After an ‘escape’ from the house they woke up in, a strange encounter with a “crazy” lady, an invisible woman and a weird blue light… they finally make it into town. The hospital personnel (I’d have slapped her!) calls the POLICE and reports them for truancy! Oh NEVERMIND the fact that they CAN’T remember anything lady!!!!Upon escorting Elyse home, I’m certain the police officer is freaking CRAZY! As is her MOTHER… they all want to act like the fact that Elyse NOT remember anything is “fine” and insist that shes having an “episode”. What type of episode? Uuuum hello? Which is pretty much what Elyse says to her and the reason I stayed up until 3:30 am to finish this book after starting it at 10pm.“I look like a pissed off Disney Princess. Adorable… and harmless.”What’s more is everyone seems to have these “memory lapses” and it’s all just a part of the town’s charm!!! They even use it as an added selling point for bringing the tourists in! These bouts of amnesia are referred to as “heat naps” and you’ll never believe how Glimmer pans out!Glimmer was nothing like I EXPECTED… which is pretty freaking perfect considering I LOVED IT! Full of twists and turns, this Brunette recommends you order Pheobe Kitandis’ debut ASAP! From beginning to end, Glimmer was completely mesmerizing! I stayed up all night to watch this mystery unfold!