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Vamplayers (Living Dead Love Story)

Vamplayers - Rusty Fischer I do not know HOW he does it- time and time again I am BLOWN AWAY by his ability to freaking ROCK MY FACE OFF with awesome. Is it apparent to everyone that I’m INDEED a SUPER FAN of Rusty Fischer? I know right?In true Rusty Fischer style, he’s created something uber unique and wicked fun!Vampires hunting vampires for the good of mankind… the the PLAN anyway.Lily, Alice and Cara are ‘Sisters’… HOPING to become Saviors someday! Saviors are the END all- BE ALL of vampy badass. Vamp infestation? Who ya gonna call? The SAVIORS baby! Where as Sisters go in and try to STOP an infestation BEFORE it happens!“Like some kind of vampire superheroes on steroids, they swoop into town wearing their red leather jumpsuits and sleek motorcycle boots, wielding their monogrammed stakes and personal-sized crossbows, cutting down vampires left and right.” (The Saviors)Lily, Alice and Cara are sent on a new assignment in Raven’s Roost where they believe a Vamplayer is stalking the students of the very exclusive Nightshade high.“It’s a lot of pressure being one of the only three girls responsible for nearly two thousand mortals and stopping a Vampire Armageddon,” ~LilyOne of my favorite things about Rusty Fischer’s books are all his little extras!! I realize a lot of authors strive to set their mythological creatures apart from the ‘pack’ so to speak, but no one quite accomplishes it like Rusty Fischer!!“It’s a little known fact that vampires are absolute sugar fiends. Like, crack addict-style sugar fiends.”This makes me SUPER happy… Not even joking a little bit. There’s an ongoing joke that I could never be a vamp because of my candy addiction! Can we just say: Skittle Vampiress FTW!Okay, moving on…I totally loved our sarcastic and super fabulous heroine Lily, but I had a major soft spot for her ‘promiscuous’ BFF, Alice!! (I know right?)“See if they have any photo galleries of the sports team,” she [Alice] says. “I need to know if I should pack slutty or, you know, extra slutty.”“I know where you’ll fit best,” she [Cara] says to Alice … “Right in some jock’s arms.”“Or two,” I [Lily] say, “if he has a friend.”If you hadn’t noticed, my reviews for Rusty Fischer books tend to run a bit heavy on the quotes… oh believe me, I could’ve added MORE!! I literally fight the urge to quote about every other paragraph for some sort of AWESOME!I realize this review is getting a tad lengthy… but I must sat a few more things: Grover and Zander … EPIC FREAKING WIN! Two Star-Wars geek guys that totally stole my heart! Not an easy feat either, considering when anything remotely resembling ‘Deep Space Nine’ (is this a correct reference even? Lol) usually has me running the other way!Tristan. Yeah… you’re totally just going to LOVE (to hate) him!!Vamplayers has everything I’ve come to expect from reading one of Rusty Fischer’s books; snarky humor, witty characters, fast-paced plot and above all- complete and utter AWESOME!!!Vamplayers has secured it place indefinitely on my favorites shelf, right next to Zombies Don’t Cry!______________________________________*Just a quick note… Goodreads says Vamplayers is ‘Book Two in A Living Dead Love Story’ I do not believe this is correct. Zombies Don’t Cry (also one of MY SUPER FAVS EVER was ‘Book ONE in A Living Dead Love Story’ and IF I’m recalling correctly- which I totally might not be, Rusty had said the something about there being a Living Dead Love Story sequel… but he didn’t mention Vamplayers being it!*