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Undead - Kirsty McKay Okay... FIRST, I feel it DETRIMENTAL to my very existence to mention the dedication in this book! (which for the record, I rarely notice- but it appears I may have to start paying more attention.)For JohnGobble, gobble, gobbleHehe... I feel like this is made of win! I don't know who John is, and I don't know if Kirsty McKay was referring to turkeys or zombies- but I don't care because either way, that's an epic dedication.Moving on.Bobby is a super, epic chick of AWESOME... Wrapped in witty sarcastic charm and coated with attitude. I loved her! Can you tell? Is it obvious?Having recently moved BACK to the UK after spending the last six years in the US, Bobby is feeling very angsty and irritated!"When we moved to the US six years ago, they thought I sounded as British as the Queen. Now that I'm back in the motherland again, I'm like some weird hybrid, a freako chimera with an ever-changing accent."It's not helping that she's on the "School Trip from Hell". Which in all reality is a ski trip with all her new classmates before the new school year starts! Yep... That pretty much sounds like the definition of hell to me. But refuge is in sight, as they are FINALLY on their way home!When the bus stops for lunch at the Cheery Chomper (hehe), Bobby stays on board, unwilling to endure another lunch of solitude and having food tossed at her. Mr. Taylor stays because he's got the flu and Smitty... Because Smitty is trouble. Trouble swathed in leather and complete with a fake ID."an ink-haired indie kid in a leather jacket. Rob Smitty: rebel without a pause, freak show, and drop out in the making. But the best snowboarder, definitely. When I first clapped eyes on him, I was convinced he'd be the head of the underage drinking club - and he is - but dude knows how to throw himself down a mountain too. [...] Respect due, in spite of the try-hard guyliner and bad attitude."See? How freaking E-P-I-C is she? I know right? I LOVED her inner dialog! Smitty gets Mr. Taylor to go get him a sandwich, by cleverly threatening student cruelty and starvation or something... As soon as he's gone Smitty is trying to convince the driver to let them off the bus for some mischief or another when something slaps the windshield... then it comes AGAIN... only this time they see it's unmistakabley a hand- so the bus driver gets out to deal with the teen miscreants messing with his bus!Then something slams into the back of the bus, dazed and confused- Smitty gets out to see what's going on... What he finds is a puddle of blood and a shrieking figure in a blue coat running toward them!!!!Alice Hicks BARELY gets on the bus before Smitty locks her out (I'd have locked her out... Not even because she was a hateful witch- but because hands are smacking the windows, bloody streaks marring the snow... Then some crazy, screaming person comes running at me? No thank you. Just sayin.)"Dead!" she screams. "Everybody's dead!"HOLY.... OHMYGOD right?!?!Now, I know I went into a lot of detail there... But I COULDN'T HELP IT! And honestly... I didn't give that much away, according to my kindle- I was only 4% in by this point!We end up with the new kid, a badboy, a nerd, a pretty princess and a gas station attendant. Quite a band of misfits to survive the apocalypse... But these characters were fantastically portrayed!While I loved Bobby for her wit, snark and general awesome... I loved Alice's princess-y bi-polar!"Shanika's [her BFF] got my CoutureCandy bag, the bitch! Drive!" she says to the driver. "Run them over!"And Pete, the nerd extrordinaire, is convinced they're all being watched and everything that is happening is some elaborate scheme by the government or new world order. Whoever is behind it all has cutoff every means of escape and made it impossible to communicate with the outside world.Nobody beleives him. They think he's finally cracked."This is crazy!" [...]  "Of course there are cameras; they're everywhere these days! But it doesn't mean that they've all been planted to spy on us in the even of a zombie apocalypse!"Undead by Kirsty McKay was freaking AMAZING from BEGINING TO END! The actual plot wasn't something I NORMALLY get into, but the pure EPICNESS of the characters, the way they interacted and the dialog were enough to keep me reading well into the night and scrambling to grab Undead the next morning! Seriously, I'd read this book again today- just because!With that, I leave you with more quotes..."If I die right here, right now, I will be ashamed. What a fail. Struck down and eaten by a bus driver, for crap's sake, in Scotland, on a school trip.""Just because we can't see jack doesn't mean that Undead Jack and Jillaren't lurking in there with all their friends, ready to Cheerily Chomp on us.""for one horribly, desperately embarrassing moment we fly into eachother's arms like Shaggy and Scooby Don't.""Manic with a side of Musical Theater." ← and this has become my new tagline... for my LIFE. Just sayin!!!!Preorder UNDEAD on Amazon!