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Shadow's Claim: Immortals After Dark: The Dacians: The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist

Shadow's Claim - Kresley Cole Omg! How freaking EXCITED am I for the release of Shadow’s Claim?!?! A minor companion series to the Immortals After Dark Series (a series I completely and absolutely ADORE!), The Dacians debut book of the newest series by Kresley Cole, Shadow’s Claim, won’t disappoint the long time lovers of the IAD series!Our heroine, Bettina, a half demon/half sorceress was at a concert when four winged creatures, the Vrekeners’, brutally attack her. She is saved when Raum, —, summons her back to her home plane of Abbadon (a demon realm) with a medallion she had previously considered a leash.In what she had thought were her last moments, she was thinking of Cas and how he’d never know how much she loved him. When she appears bloody and broken by the Vrekeners on her castle floor, Cas is there. And upon seeing her, he completely goes to pieces.Trehan Daciano is an assassin, a Dacian assassin. If you’ve read the Immortals After Dark series, you’ll remember Dacia is the hidden vampire kingdom of Ivana, Lothaire’s mother. It’s cloaked in mist and sports fountains of blood. No one goes INTO Dacia and comes back out alive. This is how they’ve managed to stay HIDDEN for thousands of years.Playboy Cas entered Dacia, left a trail of fully tended to Dacian women, and then promptly snuck out again. Bad move Demon… Bad move. Trehan lives and BREATHES Dacia, and no one crosses him or his beloved Dacia without paying with their lives. And now his sights are set on Cas.Upon tracking Cas to the land of Death Demons, he meets Bettina, and his heart STARTS BEATING for the first time in a millennium. After hundreds of years of feeling nothing, in a matter of days – he’s been dispatched to dispose of Cas, found his Blood Mate and entered into a death tournament to win his Bride’s hand.One problem… Bettina has refused to ever forgive him if he kills Cas as planned.Bettina is a FABULOUS heroine. Trehan is the bane of her very existence, even if she can’t stop thinking about how he makes her feel… That is-when she doesn’t want to stop his freshly beating heart instantly.“I wanted his tongue on me; I couldn’t decide if I wanted it still attached to his mouth or not. So I held off.” ~ Morgana (the most powerful Sorceri known to the Lore and Bettina’s aunt.)You totally do not have to have read the Immortals After Dark series to understand the first book in the Shadow’s Claim series. It’s definitely it’s own series all together. But having read and LOVED all the Immortals after Dark books, it’s definitely awesome to revisit some of the IAD characters in this series!A romantic, sexy and action-packed page-turner, Shadow’s Claim is an amazing start to this series!