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Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland - “I’d rather the whole world consider me crazy while I go down fighting than spend the rest of my life hiding from the truth. Zombies are real. They’re out there.”Shhhhyea, Alice Bell is my kinda chick dude!!!!First chapter is titled:DOWN the ZOMBIE HOLEUm… EPIC win. Just sayin.Alice is convinced her father is insane. He sees monsters that aren’t there, walks ARMED patrols through their house all night and refuses to let them leave the house after sunset. It’s been this way Alice’s entire life. Until her sixteenth birthday, when she convinces them to go to her little sister’s dance recital. At night.And OH.MY.GOD.IN.HEAVEN.ALMIGHTY.ABOVE.Tragedy strikes after leaving the dance recital, and suddenly Alice is left all alone… And those monsters that she was convinced her father had made up- are suddenly VERY REAL.In the hospital we meet Kat, and I SWEAR, if I was reincarnated as a fictional character… It would be her. Gena Showalter was channelling me through some sort of epic, zombie-awesome telepathy when she wrote Kat! Seriously!“Don’t make me slap you out of your crazy.” KatAli (not ALICE anymore) has moved in with her grandparents and started a new school. She was prepared to get through it, day by day… What she wasn’t prepared for was Cole.Sweet. Jesus. *I need a moment*Cole is tall, dark and sexy… Bad boy the core, sporting fresh bruises everyday and he happens to be the leader of the most feared group of “guys you don’t take home to Daddy”. In short… Cole MAY be the hottest, most swoon-worthy, definition of my perfect fictional boy-toy. Ever. *sigh*Okay, so we’ve got ZOMBIES, a gang of spirit warrior/zombie fighters, an epic best friend, a rabbit cloud, a badass heroine and a sizzling hot romance- all this equals EPICNESS in the first degree!Alice in Zombieland… while not exactly a “spin-off” was freaking EPIC zombie awesome with some Alice in Wonderland undertones that set the tone PERFECTLY! I loved the characters, I loved the writing, I loved the plot… I cannot WAIT for Through the Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles #2)!