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Jenny Plague-Bringer: (Jenny Pox #4)

Jenny Plague-Bringer - J.L. Bryan OMG! OMG! OMG! *deep breathe*I fell IN LOVE with JL Bryan’s Jenny Pox series in September of 2011… When I devoured the entire series in less than a week! If you NEVER read indie authors, indie books… Whatever the case may be- READ The Paranormals series by JL Bryan.It. Is. AMAZING.Jenny Pox will RIP your heart out, make you fall in love and believe that ANYTHING is possible. And the last 15% will leave you in utter disbelief and complete *OH MY GOD!!!!! NO FREAKING WAY THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!* It’s absolutely and 100% one of my Top 3 favorite books of ALL TIME.Tommy Nightmare is just as fantastic as Jenny Pox- in a whole different way.Alexander Death is… Um… It’s Alexander. Duh.And let me reiterate that the Jenny Pox series is NOT a young adult series! It’s New Adult/horror all the way! It contains sexual situations, violence and SO MUCH AWESOME that its hard to wrap your head around it!Jenny Plague-Bringer is told in alternating POVs, which by the time you get to the forth book- you know all the characters so well, that it’s REALLY fantastic to hear from everyone and get inside their heads! I LOVED it- kudos JL Bryan!Jenny and Seth hold residence in France, where they meet Mariella… Whom came to their door searching for a boy that she incessantly dreams of every night… (*ahem* aka: Seth.) Jenny doesn’t trust Mariella and sends her away, knowing by the gloves that she wears that she must have some kind of paranormal ability also.“Do you know what my touch does?” Jenny asked he, stepping on the escalator. “It brings pain and death. That’s all I’ve ever been to anyone.”Tommy and Esmeralda are living day to day with no plans for their future until Ward and his cronies come to call. They want Tommy and Esmeralda to join their ranks “for the good of our country”. Tommy goes with them, but Esmeralda doesn’t!But Ward is greedy and he wants ALL the Paranormals under his control. So anyone who refuses to go with him WILLINGLY, may not be given a CHOICE later.OH MY GOD, right?We learn a lot about The Paranormal’s most recent past life in Jenny Plague-Bringer… It’s mystifying and completely thrilling!Sexy, horrifying and absolutely mesmerizing! Jenny Plague-Bringer is second only to Jenny Pox! FREAKING AWESOME!Oh… You wanted to know about the baby mentioned in the synopsis???? Ha! Not telling!!!!! You have to read it for yourself!