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Down to You (The Bad Boys, #1)

Down to You - M. Leighton Olivia is bound and determined to not let the “Hot Stripper Guy” see how embarrassed she is when she’s baited into stopping him at her BFF’s bachelorette party. He’s shooting her super sexy smiles and thinking very UNprofessional thoughts when… in walks the REAL stripper for the evening! Turns out, miss Olivia had been dis-robing the OWNER of the club, Cash Davenport.The DEFINITION of “TO DIE FOR SEXY”.Much to her disappointment embarrassment, Cash leaves and she doesn’t see him for the rest of the night… But she sure does wake up with him on her mind! As she trudges to her newly acquired high class kitchen (thanks to her triple-S cousin – spoiled, snobby and snide) – WHO is sitting at the counter?!?!?!?!RIGHT?!Only it’s NOT Cash… It’s his IDENTICAL, much more respectable, responsible and JUST as über sexy TWIN brother, Nash!I should mention now that Down to You is told in alternating POV’s of Olivia, Cash AND Nash… Which makes for some REALLY interesting “inner dialog” among the three! Shhhhyea, I LOVED it!While her friends are encouraging her to go after Nash with all she’s got, Olivia is just NOT that kind of chick, even if her cousin Marissa doesn’t deserve him…“If I ever become a thief, Nash will be the first thing I steal.”While she’s undeniably attracted to Nash, and all his awesome “totally responsible and respectable” nature… She can’t fight the amazing chemistry that her and Cash share. And Nash is taken anyway… Right?“I fantasize about riding in the driver’s seat of Nash’s car. With Nash still in it.”She knows that Cash will end up breaking her heart, because she’s been down the “devil may care/badboy” street before. She’s not looking to head down that road again… If only Cash would quit being so intuitive and CARING! Olivia’s at a crossroad of sizzling hot passion with Cash or the forbidden goodness of Nash.“I’m getting into a bad place with Cash. And the worst part of it is, I don’t think I want to stop.”Who will she choose???OMG! You will NEVER guess at how Down to You plays out in the long run! Besides being hot and sexy, M. Leighton throws in a curve ball that I didn’t see coming until about 4 pages (and 85% through) before a SUPER HUGE secret is actually revealed! She’s epically awesome like that.The thing about M. Leighton’s novels is that EACH one is my favorite… Until I read her NEXT one. Then THAT one is my favorite! M. Leighton is a bright and shiny diamond among the hordes of indie authors out there.Down to You is steamy, sexy and super HOT! M. Leighton completely and absolutely knocked her first adult book OUT OF THE PARK! I cannot WAIT to see where this story goes!!!Then here are some quotes I HAD to include:“A whore and a head case.”“It was in the freezer. Apparently when I took out the vodka, I set the remote control down.” -Ginger< -- this is SO something I would do!