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Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day Flagged, tagged & bagged as the new Fifty Shades of Grey- Bared to You is supposed to be bigger, better & sexier. So… Fifty Shades without Twilight drama. Truth be told I still have yet to even make it to halfway through Fifty Shades Darker.Seriously, when I kept seeing this book plastered all over Amazon and Goodreads and such, I pretty much ignored it. With the cover being SO visually similar to Fifty Shades, I assumed it was a knock off or a spoof and I wasn’t much interested… But then Tabby from Insightful Minds said I absolutely had to read it- so that’s pretty much all it took!Eva moved across country, from San Diego to the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her male, super model sexy roommate, Cary to start working as an Ad Exec.The day BEFORE her first day, she was scouting the territory and sees the most perfect man she’s ever laid eyes on,She sees him again ON HER first day, and SERIOUSLY I love the amount of M/M romance, love in this book! Eva’s boss is a gay man, and he and his partner are so in love and I just ate it up!!!! AND I was THRILLED to death bc I honestly thought it would end up being a freaking LOVE TRIANGLE OF DEATH.. Between her, the new boss and the super sexy guy she met on the elevator! No worries though… The boss plays for the other team, so we’re SAFE from the love triangle CRAP for now.And suddenly Dark & Dangerous (this is what Eva has dubbed the elevator man she’s been fantasizing about) is showing up everywhere… Coincidently. Meetings… More elevators…After a very productive meeting, he pulls her to the side and asks if she’s currently seeing anyone…“Because I want to fuck you, Eva. I need to know what’s standing in my way, if anything.”Right? Seriously, WHY is this so hot? Because literally in real life… Well, I suppose it’d still be pretty hot if hubby said it right outside an elevator – out of the blue… Off topic!Anyway so she’s thinking,“I’d never been so aroused. Never been so scortchingly attracted to another human being. Never been so offended by a person I lusted after.”That about sums it up though? It’s hot. But… How DARE you ASSUME and presume its OKAY to talk to me this way… Even if I like it? Lol!This is what I loved most about Eva’s character. She didn’t take any shit, she wasn’t a push over and she DID NOT waver… Oh I don’t know… I do… I don’t… *sigh* She was just her. Eva owned it, she wasn’t perfect, and she is the first to admit it- but she also won’t settle for less than what she thinks she deserves.And as it turns out, the company Eva works for, Cross Industries or Crossfire, is OWNED by none other than Mr. Dark and Dangerous, also known as Gideon CROSS. Ha. I love it.ANYWAY, turns out Mr. Tall, Dark and Super Sexy Cross has a lot of deep, dark secrets… What?! A tortured man, with a penchant for kinky, hot sex? Win. Yeah, I’m a sucker for a head case who needs to be be “saved”.Except of course he ends up, MESSING UP because he’s never been in a real relationship before, and Eva’s flight instinct takes over.I ran when the going got tough, because I was so sure it was all going to end badly. The only control I had was to be the one who left,But, Cross isn’t willing to live without her. He wants her- no matter what it costs him. And I LOVED it.“What you make me feel, Eva . . . it hurts.”“I’ve always seen you, angel. From the moment you found me, I’ve seen nothing but you.”Eva’s roommate, Carey- I LOVED him. I felt so bad for him… And his super self-destructive ways. He was an amazing supporting character!