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Until I Break

Until I Break - M. Leighton Samantha Jansen is timid, closed off and hides from the world. UNTIL she dons her alter ego of author of vampy awesome, Laura Drake complete with wig and the whole disguise.“Without her facade, I’m a wallflower with scars that only I can see.”She’s rocked to her very core, while at a book signing and in walks the man of her dreams… And nightmares. A visual double of Mason, the leading man in her books. But he is not Mason, he is Alec Brand.“He draws my eye, my thoughts, ad some deep tragic part of my soul toward him.”The next day while having coffee with her sister, *gasp* ALEC walks in… and says something to the effect of:“I know you.” and Samantha just ABOUT DIES – because NO ONE (except her sister) knows about her double life… She’s like… “No you don’t.” and ALEC says…“I want to.”Um… Dear Alec, TAKE. Me. Now. Love, BBSamantha is a SUPER complex chick… the kind I love to emerge myself into!Honestly. I never thought I’d say this. Christian Gray – you have been REPLACED as the emotionally scarred, deeply broken, so exceptionally sensual, yet frightening at the same time fictional man of my heart – Alec Brand has taken up residence and made himself at home there. No hard feelings darling.I love books told from dual and multiple point of views! So when I flipped to Chapter 2 of Until I Break and realized we’d get Alec’s POV, as well as Samantha’s, I did the “bookish jig”! Which if you’re not familiar with this, it’s a cross between Gangnam Style and the Macarena. Dude. True story!Dear lord, seriously… I was CONVINCED – CONVINCED!!!! I tell you that Alec was going to chop Sam up into teensy little pieces and feed her body to sea turtles.There are so many twists and turns in Until I Break, and I never saw any of them coming! I kept turning over Alec’s secrets in my head, trying to figure out WHAT he was HIDING – and I never came close.I’m almost certain that I say this with EVERY new book I read by M. Leighton, and what can I say? She is just one of those authors… But Until I Break is M. Leighton’s best novel yet!!!Dangerous, passionate and addictive - Until I Break is one that I’ll think of long after I finished… the characters got under your skin and all I could think is, “MORE!!!!!”