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The Other Fish in the Sea (Grab Your Pole, #2)

The Other Fish in the Sea (Grab Your Pole, #2) - Jenn Cooksey Fair warning… Don’t skip the author’s note in the beginning of the book, as it contains pertinent information to the reader!!!! Camie, Tristan and your favorite band of teen awesome are BACK in book two of the Grab Your Pole series, The Other Fish in the Sea!!! Remember how much I ADORED Shark Bait? I know RIGHT?!?! SQUEE!!!Again with the EPIC chapter titles… Seriously!How to Bury a HookerChampagne Kisses & Tattoo DreamsBella Is An Idiot [Yeah dude... That Bella.]Okay, so The Other Fish in the Sea picks up right where Shark Bait left off- just a couple months later!It’s Thanksgiving break and Camie, Tristan and the gang are gearing up for a long weekend and mini vacation from school when Tristan’s days as a bachelor start flipping their ugly (skanky) hair – via text during a group bowling excursion.“You find out who your real friends are when you call and tell ‘em you just accidentally killed a hooker and they show up with a shovel and a full tank of gas.” ~Jeff is so epic.Other Fish in the Sea is told in the multiple POVs of Camie, Jillian (the epitome of EPIC), Kate and Melissa. That’s right! We get inside a few other character’s heads this time around!FIRST our GYP clan heads to the desert in November for Thanksgiving weekend… And over the four day break, a very intriguing couple gets together! *SQUEE*!!!!“Yeah well, we would’ve if Maleficent hadn’t chosen us to play a part in her scheme to save Sleeping Beauty’s and Prince Phillip’s asses” ~ Jeff again!GYP #2 goes through Christmas, um… the NEW YEARS PARTY! And ends after Camie’s birthday… O_OCamie is still sweetly naive in The Other Fish in the Sea, but not in the annoying way that nativity often is. Tristan is still super hot, and YUMMY.TEAM PETE!!! God Pete is my super fav guy in this series!!! He’s the quiet sexy, closet badass… With Brandon in such a close second that it was almost TOO much for me to choose between the two of them!!!!“You gonna let me take you to Hell, Jillian?” *I may have DIED a little bit here*Of course I can’t forget to mention Camie’s awesome inner monologue of playlist EPICNESS… So be on the lookout! And the personalized plates she gets on her 16th birthday are so awesome: SHRKB8SO much goes down in The Other Fish in the Sea!!!! HUGE secrets are revealed, GIGANTIC mistakes are made and DEVASTATING events lead to a CATASTROPHIC ending that will leave you CURSING whoever invented the “cliffhanger ending”.One of the things I dearly love about the Grab Your Pole series- is the absolute REALNESS of the characters! They evoke crazy, irrational, raw emotions to be elicited from the reader. There is warm and fuzzies, butterflies, hysteria, laughing, sobbing, nausea… the list goes on and on!