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Possession  - Elana Johnson This book is hard to describe... I loved Vi! In a society where the 'Thinkers' form your entire belief system, Vi has been banished to the badlands- a place for 'free thinkers'.Now I really, really tried to follow along with this book! I swear I did! I just found myself more confused than I would have liked to be most of the time. (duh) The relationship between Zenn, Jag and Vi was complicated, but I'm fairly sure I got most of it! And Jag is super super sexy... so yeah.Possession was kind of slow for me throughout the first half of the book, but when I hit page 200, I could NOT put it down!!!Some of the relationships in recent YA books have seemed so immediate and forced that I just want to throw something- but even though Vi and Jag were thrown together by fate and were complete strangers, they completely rocked my face off. I loved them together.There were so many details and people who were dead- no- alive! No- assuming new identities! See?I really enjoyed this book... after I gave up trying to figure out who was who, when and where at what specific time, place and date. Once I began completely focusing on only the story, I flew through this book!Now if you aren't the type of person who can easily let go of things like this, then Possession might not be for you. If you are able to keep about 10 different people with as twice as many identities between them straight, then you needn't worry because you're good to go!I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Vi and Jag MAY have been my favorite YA couple ever. Yes, I totally went there. Which makes the ending of this book so freaking heart-breaking and which completely makes this SUCH a hard book to rate.Yani from The Secret Life of an Avid Reader said that Elana Johnson won't confirm nor deny a sequel to Possession on her website. This would be a MAJOR FAIL in my book. I cannot accept this! Jag has to... GRRR. I can't say, but it just CAN'T end that way!!***S&S Galley Grab***