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Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #9)

Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - J.R. Ward Dear God pleeeease just lock me in a room with the boys of BDB for a week and I can die a happy woman. *must remember to breath... in... out... in... out...*The ninth installment of BDB was phenomenal! More than phenomenal... like mind-blowing perfection! There is something about Ward's BDB series that completely consumes me and keeps me reading even though there is laundry to be done and dinner to cook. And I know that bathing would be much more convenient if I wasn't holding the book at arms length, washing my hair and panting over one of the brothers (or-Blay & Qhuinn).I was a teensy tiny bit freaked out at the very beginning... I mean really, 30 pages about Manny's damn horse? Like I care... WHERE ARE MY GUYS?But of course, I realize the significance of the horse situation now. Is it just me or did Manny get so much sexier in this book? I wasn't extremely fond of him before... maybe it's because V got all up in arms about him and Jane. Regardless, Manny completely won me over in this book!Many of you already know how crazy in love I am with Blay & Qhuinn... but you know Butch (my very favorite brother) and Vishous completely rock my world and make my toes tingle... *sigh* "I'm sorry," Butch croaked. "Oh God, I'm so sorry..." V put his arm out and curled it around the cop. Pulling the male close to his chest, he laid his head down on his buddy's. "It's okay," He said roughly. "It's all right. It's okay...You did the right thing..." Theirs is a relationship so deep that I could drown in it... And I can't even begin on Qhuinn & Blay or I won't stop... I have an entire post coming up on them soon.Okay, sorry! Back to Manny... I freaking LOVED how he stood up to V and could talk trash to Butch. I've had an affinity toward Payne since she first made her appearance in the BDB series and after she helped Wrath after he went completely blind!I cannot say enough about this book, it was fast-paced, sexy, romantic, tragic, beautiful...