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Imaginary Girls

Imaginary Girls - Nova Ren Suma Reading is subjective, we all know that... And I have to make it clear how much I HATE giving bad reviews (seriously dude.) even more than I hate giving negative reviews... I HATE not finishing a book. It's like going out of town, but not taking my red stilettos in case of an emergency. Unacceptable.That being said- I had my first DNF of 2011. *sad face* It also happened to be my very first ARC. *epic sad face* My review:I don't enjoy books that HINT around things, it's like turning in circles until you eventually get so dizzy you fall down (or puke... whatevs) It's one thing if I'm getting a bunch of details and facts, then it's my job to string them all together and figure out what's going on (genre=mystery) but otherwise I'm extremely irritated.The entire first chapter (20 pages) was a big 'HUH?'! I kept waiting for something (anything) to make sense... It didn't. So I went back and RE-READ the first chapter thinking, "Okay lady, you're a freak and must've missed something insanely vital."I didn't. The first 10 pages drone on and on about this reservoir and how RUBY says Chloe can swim it... How RUBY says that there is a hidden town at the bottom... If RUBY says it, then it is absolutely true... RUBY would never let anything happen... RUBY says Chloe could swim the ocean and back...Dear God! I GET it... You're an awesome swimmer and the reservoir's creepy. Move on! Were you as tired of reading Ruby's name as I was of typing it?By page 50, basically ALL we've learned is that Ruby is flipping amazing. She's perfect, she's beautiful, no one would dare tell Ruby no, the corner store only sells her shade of lipstick to her... blah, blah, Ruby-blah. Ooookay, so Ruby is famous is a small town. Awesome- I got that by page 10, I surely didn't need another 40 pages to convince me.I only got 90 pages in before finally giving up on this book... I think I gave it an ample chance don't you??? I honestly tried. Here's a 'mini' synopsis of the sub-plot- you know when we weren't hearing about Ruby that is. Chloe is swimming in the reservoir during some party and finds a dead chick in a boat. Apparently this particular chick was depressed and sat in the back of Chloe's French class. They weren't friends... they never really even spoke.Chloe leaves. What? Why? I get that finding a dead body isn't exactly a positive situation... but to leave you sister (RUBY), who is like heaven on Earth and the only family you've got- to live with your dad that ran out on you when you were like 2? I see no reason for it, it's ridiculous.I could see if Chloe hated her life, or if she even knew the dead chick... or at the very least had some sort of relationship with her dad for God's sake. Nope, she did it just for the sake of the story apparently.Fast forward 2 years (4 pages) and Ruby mysteriously shows up at Chloe's dad's house demanding that he let her return home with her. TWO years later. No phone calls. No letters. A few texts though. What?Chloe runs away 3 weeks later to go to Ruby. Her dad won't put two and two together or what? She gets to town, texts Ruby and nothing. Ruby doesn't answer, but sends an ex-boyfriend to pick Chloe up from the station. They go to a party and guess who is there... the dead girl all alive and well.Are you kidding me? Really? Then why didn't Ruby just freaking SAY something and save everyone all this trouble. So she didn't die... And? People 'almost' die all the time. Over-doses, strokes, heart attacks, drowning... I mean, it's not that huge of a thing.This is where I quit because I couldn't take it anymore. I tried to detail WHY I didn't like it so it wasn't like I randomly said,"Epic fail to this one!"I can totally see why this may appeal to a lot of people, sadly I'm not one of them.