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As The World Dies: Untold Tales Vol 1: Volume One

As the World Dies: Untold Tales Volume 1 - Rhiannon Frater YES... Rhiannon Frater put together a collection of three short stories to go along with her As The World Dies trilogy (for all her DIE HARD fans... *ahem* that would definitely include me!)First short story was Lydia's... *sobs*Lydia is totally one of my favorite characters in the As The World Dies series... even though she is already dead at the beginning of the first book. I know right? She is such a HUGE part of Katie's memories, that we care about her as deeply as we do Katie or Jenni! When I found out that Lydia's story was in this book I could NOT get to my computer fast enough to download it! You will cry. You have been warned.Second short: *Monica*Monica is Juan's cousin and we find her making her way across Texas, after the apocalypse trying to get to her family in Ashley Oaks... Does she make it before the zombies or a fellow human gets to her?If you've read The First Days then you'd know! *Brunette taunting you*Third short: *Eric*Eric promised Brandy a romantic weekend alone... no cell phones... no TV... no computer *gasp*... So when the dead began to rise, it came as no surprise that they knew nothing about it.Eric HAD noticed people around him behaving strangely, a bit apprehensive- having strange conversations on the phone, "Grandpa attacked the mail man?! What do you mean he BIT him?" but Eric ignores these things to appease Brandy.After over hearing a phone call he wasn't supposed to- that had confirmed Brandy to be a lying cheater and Brandy finding out her sister had been 'bitten' the night before and was now laying in the hospital... Brandy LEAVES Eric stranded at the B&B. Nothing but him, his dog and you know... the zombies! ________________________God, NO ONE tells a story like Rhiannon Frater! I'm not usually a fan of short stories, I always end up wanting more... Yeah, I'm greedy. As The World Dies: The Untold Tales is a bit different, because I am already so deeply invested in this series and I feel so connected to the characters that I will devour anything to do with the these books! LOVED it- hardcore!Lydia and Monica's stories are really short, but no less powerful and compelling than Eric's story (which makes up the majority of this book.)