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Alexander Death (The Paranormals, #3)

Alexander Death - J.L. Bryan *minor spoilers from the first two books*Alexander Death picks up exactly where we left off in Tommy Nightmare, and once again I am immensely impressed by how smoothly JL Bryan takes us from book to book!We begin this book with Seth as a little boy, recalling the events of his older brother Carter's death. *tears* Yeah... I'm crying on page FREAKING six here! I am very emotionally involved with these characters- I don't find myself ever actually CARING this much, EVER. Maybe I should seek professional help?Back to the book... Tommy and Ashleigh had set Seth up in an extremely compromising position and had Jenny walk in at the MOST inconvenient time, which resulted in her running out of the hotel in Charleston and straight into a mob of people riled up and filled with fear (by... guess who?) and ready to attack- HER.Lucky for Jenny, Alexander was there to rescue her... *swoon* She goes quite willingly with the ever sexy Alexander and his army of walking dead (WIN) and they flee to Mexico. Now let me clarify quickly... This is not a zombie book. Like Jenny's touch spreads the 'Pox', Alexander can raise the dead and control them... But there is no apocalypse or zombie takeover, just wanted to clarify that!Jenny and Alexander arrive in Mexico safely, and she's finally getting the answers that have evaded her for so long! He's trying to make her as comfortable as possible, he gives her things, throws her a party... but her thoughts keep drifting to Seth in the beginning. "Any of us can remember what we are. But it's a process, Jenny. So you can remember me. So we can be fully together, with both of us knowing who and what we are." ~AlexanderMeanwhile, back in Fallen Oaks, Seth is pining for Jenny and still not understanding WHY he did what he did. Through fuzzy memories, he starts piecing together that Tommy and Ashleigh were definitely behind what happened. He is suddenly positive that the guy who took Jenny (Alexander) must be in on it too. He has no idea that Jenny is with Alex because she WANTS to be... "You're the zombie queen." ~Alexander to Jenny*GASP* This is an absolute MUST read!!! Now, I will admit to being a BIT worried at times during the story... I can't tell you why or I'd ruin it! Just know that everything that happens is happening for a reason! Everything is not as it seems in Alexander Death, there are twists and turns and loads of freaking fabulousness!Alexander Death is the PERFECT end to an AMAZING trilogy! JL Bryan continues to baffle me with his greatness. Seriously! I am going to miss these characters so badly!!! I'm wicked sad that it's over... But as the cover says, "All things must end."