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Fighting to Survive: As the World Dies, Book Two

Fighting to Survive  (As The World Dies, #2) - Rhiannon Frater Well, if you know me at all- even if you don't and we're just passing acquaintances... you've heard me talk about Rhiannon Frater's As the World Dies trilogy. This series is by far my favorite horror/zombie series of books EVER. I'm literally DYING for the release of Siege in April!Fighting to Survive is the second book in this series of zombie epic-ness, otherwise known as the As The World Dies trilogy. In The First Days, Katie and Jenny survived the zombie hordes that swarmed their city, and safely made it to a survivor camp in Ashley Oaks (yep, the name still tickles me!) with Jenni's son Jason's in tow.As more and more survivors arrive, they're running out of space. UNLESS they decide to take back the hotel that stands in the middle of camp and expand their boundaries. The threat of zombies lurking around every corner forces Travis to pause... until he doesn't have a choice.Jenni is still plagued with nightmares of her dead children and Katie is still haunted by the memory of her beautiful wife. My affinity toward Jenni doesn't falter one bit in this book, I still ABSOLUTELY ADORE her. "We all know Jenni is batshit crazy, but that's okay. She's good at killing the goddamn zombies." ~EdThe hotel was worse than anyone could have imagined, there are WAY more zombies inside than originally anticipated and Jenni ends up LOCKED inside a room with not ONE... not TWO... but THREE freaking zombies!!!! Oh. My. God.A zombie kid runs off the ELEVATOR after they get the power back on... And HOW do you kill a zombie with a metal plate in it's head?Ooooh, and just an FYI... be on the lookout for Otis Calhoun- aka: Crazy Calhoun, he is a freaking riot! He rides up to the fort screaming about the CIA, mafia clones and a government conspiracy, "So even if they sit outside my house and snort up on coke so they don't feel a damn thing, I will defend myself. A good knock to the head seems to do the trick. Now the aliens, well they don't die so easily..." ~Crazy Calhoun(he's talking about the zombies...)Once again, Rhiannon Frater completely blows my mind with yet another heart pounding, gut wrenching, emotional and STUNNINGLY written book that you will not want to miss! Fighting to Survive will leave you BEGGING for Siege, the third and final installment of the As the World Dies trilogy!