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Under The Never Sky: Under the Never Sky : Book 01

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi Aria lives in a world of realms, where virtual realities are the norm, parties are thrown ‘under water’ and they attend as mermaids. All via the Smarteye they wear over their eye to transport them to whatever reality they wish to be in.Honestly, I was a bit worried when I first started Under the Never Sky. Aria and her ‘friends’ break into one of the service domes that has been damaged by a recent storm, and things get out of control when Soren (a golden boy, who’s Daddy would have their necks on a block for breaking the rules) gets all out of control- Lord of the Flies style.When Perry (an outsider who breaks into the dome when the alarms were turned off) comes into the picture, just in time to save Aria from the creeptastic Soren and essentially, her LIFE- THEN I am glued to the pages. That was only page 15… So… *grins*While this book is categorized as a dystopian I think it’s also definitely paranormal because some of the members of Perry’s clan are Marked with a special Sense. Perry himself is extra special being Marked as a Seer (having uncommon sight) and also a Scire, having the ability to scent things like emotion and sickness…Anyway, upon Perry’s return to his village, we find that there has been much strife between him and his brother about the future of their people. Perry’s brother is the Blood Lord, which seems to be much like the ‘king’ or ruler. Lately the call to fight his brother for the position of ruler has been much greater, as the only way to win is to kill your opponent. Epic fail right?Meanwhile, Aria’s been EXILED or you know… THROWN OUT of her safe little bubble inside the fortress, by none other than Soren’s father! Now she’s scared and alone on the outside (what they refer to as the Death Shop) for the first time in her ENTIRE life…Perry finds her just as the Aether is about to unleash a storm of terror upon her. Now don’t ask me what the Aether is… Because I’m not too terribly positive. It’s like the sun or clouds or some sort of SOMETHING to do with the weather. It all makes sense IN the book- but trying to explain it… Meh. Not so easy!Aria and Perry don’t mesh very well… But he needs her to help him get back something the guardians (dwellers) took from him. “A world of nevers under a never sky.”Aria is at first amazed at the outside world… Picking up rocks, asking questions… As the newness wears off and the more she’s exposed to Perry’s world, I feel more desperate and sympathetic for Aria than I have throughout the entire book! “Even tired she had a face made to be looked at. Finespun. Delicate. Beautiful. Perry shook his head, surprised by his own thoughts.”One thing I loved about Under the Never Sky was the relationship between Aria and Perry. The distaste they have for one another in the beginning is TRULY that. It’s not the old, “I pretend to hate you because I really think you’re hot” kind of thing. There is no hate- just GENUINE nothing except a means to an end. THEN… Awww… ♥♥!!! And for me, this is very rare to find!I’m surprised at how much I LOVED this book. Under the Never Sky kind of creeped up on me and when I’m thinking it’s somewhere between “meh and awesomeness” it completely ended up rocking my face off! I had heard this was a slow build book, and I don’t think I’ve ever fully appreciated one until now. There is just SOOO much more to this book than I can possibly try to explain here and hope to keep you interested!Perry and Aria now top the charts among my FAVORITE couples in Young Adult fiction! Under the Never Sky is achingly beautiful, I was completely devastated when this book ENDED- not to say it had a devastating ending, I just didn’t want it to END.4.5 Stars!