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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James *the following review is for a BDSM erotic romance… Review not intended for readers under 18*The Bookish Brunette thought:Oooookay!!!So WHO HASN’T heard of this book by now?? Right?!?! There is so much hype surrounding this book lately, that I just couldn’t resist the temptation any longer!!! I mean REALLY… Contemporary BDSM erotica- FTW!So, I bought Fifty Shades (for $9.99 mind you…) and don’t get me wrong- I have no qualms paying $9.99 for an eBook (I just paid $14.99 for J.R. Ward’s Lover Reborn!) – but when its an author I’ve never read AND originally Indie pubbed, I feel like that’s a BIT steep… IMO)AnyRandomRant when I started reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I knew nothing more than this was an erotic BDSM! As I hadn’t read any actual REVIEWS of it… just more ‘word of mouth’ type recommendations… or the ones from The View and USA Today.So THEN… I’m 2% into reading Fifty Shades *according to my Kindle* (I know right?) When I stop to update my Goodreads status, because I know everyone is just DYING to know what I’m reading at any given time! Like most of you, my Goodreads account is directly linked to my Twitter account, so when I update that I’m currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey on Goodreads it automatically tweeted to 3,200 of my nearest and dearest friends that I was doing so.Being the social media whore that I am, it wasn’t even a full 60 seconds before I receive this tweet from Rhiannon Frater:RF:You’re reading the Twilight ff [Fan Fiction] erotica? BB:what? LOL There’s no vamps! It’s contemp BDSM erotica RF:You don’t know? It started out as Twilight FF. The author just changed the names and paranormal element when she published. BB:are you f*cking kidding me? No. I was not aware. I have yet to feel any twilightyness! I feel dirty.______________________________________BB:Like what’s dirtier than reading adult BDSM erotica?Reading Twilight FanFic turned BDSM erotica. I’m upset. Why did I go into that BIG spiel you ask?TWO REASONS:1. I almost quit reading this BECAUSE of the Twilight ‘FanFic’ situation. EVEN though I had yet to experience anything that made me ‘FEEL’ it was Twilighty. Because yes, I’m really quite judgemental when it comes to things like this.2. I want to make it VERY clear that I DIDN’T HATE Twilight! I enjoyed it VERY much actually… what I hate is how ridiculous and obsessive people got about it! You can read more about my thoughts on Twilight in this discussion post! Therefore I didn’t want to get into another BIG ‘Twilight‘ ordeal.If you want MY opinion, and obviously that’s why you’re here right? I don’t think Fifty Shades of Grey read like Twilight at all:It wasn’t a paranormal.The ‘heroine’ Anastasia had MUCH more personality than Bella!Christian Grey was 27, and not immortal.Yes Christian intimidates her… He’s an older, sexy man who wants to ravish her body in unspeakably hot ways. When you were 22- you’d have been intimidated too.Anastasia works at a hardware store… Is Bella the only chick allowed to not work as a waitress or at a department store? I mean REALLY? Come on.Ana likes to read.Well to me those things could have described just about, in a very obscure way- ANY female character in fiction.Then after you start LOOKING for things…(and you ALL know that normally I wouldn’t point these types of things out… but seeing as how I didn’t KNOW Fifty Shades of Grey was FanFic to begin with, I feel like I need to explain to everyone that this is still very much a book worth reading… despite the similarities! AND further more, I wouldn’t have made a Twilight connection had I not known! Just sayin.)ONE similarity that cant be ignored is Anastasia’s family… – her mother/father relationship was very similar. Flighty mother… yada, yada.Her best friend Jose, who’s secretly in love with her… Jose’s dad and Ana’s dad were in the same army unit together. But REALLY… how many books is the best guy friend in love with the chick?One thing I noticed was that Ana says, “Oh my.” quite a lot. By ‘a lot’ I mean she says, “Oh my” like I say, “Dude.”… But honestly, I didn’t feel like it took anything away from her character. I think it was more of a character “trait” rather than what some people deem ‘bad writing’.If someone told me, “Dude. You say ‘dude’ too much.” I’d say, “Duuuude, I know right?”Now… let’s move on to the SUPER HOT, DEAR GOD ALMIGHTY SEX…“That’s right, baby, feel me, all of me,” he growls and briefly closes his eyes. ~Christian Grey *dear god… *_______________________“His head turns fractionally toward me, his eyes darkest slate. I bite my lip.“Oh, fuck the paperwork,” he growls. He lunges at me, pushing me against the wall of the elevator. Before I know it, he’s got both of my hands in one of his in a vice-like grip above my head, and he’s pinning me to the wall using his hips. Holy shit. His other hand grabs my ponytail and yanks down, bringing my face up, and his lips are on mine.______________________“He grabs me suddenly and yanks me up against him, one hand at my back holding me to him and the other fisting in my hair.“You’re one challenging woman,” He kisses me, forcing my lips apart with his tongue, taking no prisoners.“It’s taking all my self-control not to fuck you on the hood of this car, just to show you that you’re mine, and if I want to buy you a fucking car, I’ll buy you a fucking car,” he growls.”The emails. Oh… The EMAILS!!!!! Read the book. You’ll know what I mean! He sends her a winky guy! Awww! Okay- so maybe I’m WAY too excited about this… But I was just tickled to DEATH!“Laters, baby.” ~Christian Grey *this really doesn’t make sense unless you’ve read it… but it’s really just *AWWW* to me.*_______________________“I am not intimidated by your SHOUTY capitals. But I will confess to a small white lie: No – you don’t snore, but you do talk. And it’s fascinating.”~Christian GreyI’m telling you had I not been made aware that this was Twilight FanFic… I would not have made the connection… To say Fifty Shades of Grey ends with a cliffhanger is an understatement, because it simply STOPS. I actually have no qualms about it ending so abruptly…1. Because I immediately downloaded the second book Fifty Shades Darker AND2. Because in KNOWING that it was originally a WHOLE piece online (fanfic and all) you can’t really blame E.L. James for doing it this way. Each book, individually is like 400 pages long. What can you expect?All and all I VERY much enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey. There were some ‘iffy’ parts for me when the writing seemed to get choppy… but I’m not an editor- and all I want is a good, entertaining read. And Fifty Shades gave me that in SPADES. Totally loved it.Buy Fifty Shades of Grey on Amazon!Posted in: Book Review