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Fairy Metal Thunder (Songs of Magic Series #1)

Fairy Metal Thunder (Songs of Magic Series #1) - J. L. Bryan I can’t begin to convey how impressed I was by Fairy Metal Thunder, it was a light, totally cheery and FUN read! J.L. Bryan manages to be beautifully descriptive, without being overly wordy. From fairy wings to fairy dwellings, auditions in the city, dwarf merchants and angry goblins- I was totally overcome by word pictures!!The night Jason has to skip band practice again to watch his little sister Katie, when he discovers a little green man (GOBLIN!!!) stealing his mother’s ruby earrings! Jason chases him out of the house and over the “wall” encasing Mrs. Dullaham’s house and follows him into… well, he ends up in The Land of Faerie.When Jason finally catches up to the little green man and proceeds to confront him…“Leprechauns! I spit on leprechauns!! I tie their shoelaces together to make them trip and fall! Leprechauns, indeed!”-Grizlemor the Cranky (a.k.a. the Goblin when Jason suggests he’s a Leprechaun!)To get Jason OUT of Faerie as quickly as possible and without anyone noticing that Grizlemor unknowingly led a HUMAN into the Faerie world, he agrees to give Jason back his things… but while Grizlemor is retrieving Jason’s things- Jason decides to “borrow” four magical fairy instruments that enchant human children!When Queen Mab discovers that Aoide’s instruments have been stolen and taken out of Faerie, she decrees that Aoide must get them back or she will be put to death! As it violates the Supreme Law to let magic leak into the human world!The keyboard sprouted silver wires that snaked around and plugged into Mitch’s other keyboards.Aoide and Rhodia, the fae that Jason stole the instruments from, are then forced to travel with Icarus (a member of the Queen’s guard) through the swamps to illicit the help of Hoke, the ELF and his cornhorses (unicorns!!!!!). Now thousands of years ago there was a Great Elf and Fairy War, and the fae won. So you can imagine how highly Hoke thinks of Queen Mab and fairies in general… Grizlemor (the Cranky… *hehe*) shows up to try and steal the instruments back from Jason and his friends- before finally giving up and MOVING into Jason’s room!!! Under his bed to be exact. So NOW, Grizlemor is trying to HELP Jason keep the instruments hidden from Queen Mab so as to avoid getting in trouble himself! WIN.“Well, young sir, I can’t live at my home anymore, and it’s all on account of you. So by my measure of justice, it’s your job to provide suitable lodging during my displacement.”If you can’t tell… While I loved this book, the characters, the world, the setting… Absolutely everything- Grizlemore TOTALLY stole the show for me! He may be a minor and secondary character, but I LOVED him!One of the main things I LOVED about Fairy Metal Thunder was Jason’s FAMILY. His overbearing, constantly involved, CARING parents. I feel like in Young Adult fiction there are just too many books that have absent parents… For whatever reason. And Katie- Katie was an AMAZING baby sister!This book, from the characters to the entire plot and setting was just AMAZING. The entire time you’re pulling for Jason and the Assorted Zebra’s, you’re also REALLY feeling bad for the fairies! You completely want them to get their instruments BACK!“You’ll only draw the fairies attention. And they’ll be quite vengeful.”“How vengeful?”“Have you ever been pecked to death by a vulture? Or slowly eaten from the inside by slime worms? Or ripped apart by a blunt-toothed brain bug?”J.L. Bryan hit the ball completely out of the park with awesome in Fairy Metal Thunder.