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Jasinda Wilder
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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1)
Tarryn Fisher
Epilogue: The Dark Duet (The Dark Duet, #2.5)
C.J. Roberts
Beautiful Bastard
Christina Lauren
Death Comes Home (In Darkness We Must Abide, #1)
Rhiannon Frater

Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles)

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole Poison Princess locked me in a trance of mesmerizing awesome from the VERY first page. No… I’m absolutely serious.Evie has been lured into a madman’s lair… And it’s utterly chilling to hear his horrific and terrifying inner monologues as he tricks Evie into sliding deeper into what promises to be her worst nightmare.“My lair looks safe, warm, grandmotherly. It should; an old woman lived here before I slaughtered her and made it my home.”*gasp* I know right?! The “price of entry” is that she has to recount her life before and after the Flash. He claims to be making a chronicle of events and experiences of events leading to the Flash and how people coped with the aftermath.The Flash was a catastrophic event that killed most of the world and wiped any form of vegetation right off the map.So as Evie launches into her tale, her story begins one week BEFORE the Flash and just after she was released from the mental institution. We meet the boyfriend… Who doesn’t impress me too much. We meet the BFF, Melissa…“Mel was a hyperactive wild child who was a stranger to shame and had never acquainted herself with embarrassment.”And we meet the band of Cajun misfits who have been thrust into suburban hell by a new bridge that put them in an entirely different school district. Jackson, the fiercest one of them all WON’T quit staring at her with his disarming grey eyes and devil may care attitude.We meet Jackson. Who. Is. EPIC. Complete with the sexiest accent I’ve ever READ. Seriously, usually “accents” in books tend to irritate me- but Kresley Cole did an absolutely amazing job with the authenticity, with made it even more appealing!I LOVE Evie and Javkson! There’s no insta-love… No triangles… They honestly don’t like each other very much! Except buried under all that hostility, is a SUPER cute romance!They trek across country, searching for Evie’s grandmother and along the way they meet people from Evie’s visions… Members of the Major Arcana.Evie was told long ago that she was the ‘Empress’ … Then they meet ‘The Moon’ in the form of a super hot chick who is seemingly MADE for Jackson! Then Matthew who has made the most appearances in Evie’s visions has put out a call for help, as he’s DROWNING and Evie, Jack & Selena (the moon) are a state away.I KNOW.Matthew is The Fool card of the Major Arcana, and seemingly Evie’s greatest friend and ally. They meet Finn, The Magican, while being held captive in a slaving camp.I loved EVERY SECOND of this book! Poison Princess is utterly mesmerizing and fiercely captivating!! Without a doubt the BEST post apocalyptic book I’ve read ALL YEAR!