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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1)
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C.J. Roberts
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Christina Lauren
Death Comes Home (In Darkness We Must Abide, #1)
Rhiannon Frater

Cornerstone (Cornerstone, #1)

Cornerstone (Cornerstone, #1) - Misty Provencher Dubbed “The Waste” by her peers, because of her mother’s compulsive paper hoarding, Nali Maxwell goes through the motions of life… She desperately wants her mother to finish just ONE book, and maybe they can quit living in and round stacks of paper.“In our house, no one notices the tiny square of clean wood floor where we kick off our shoes. That little patch is lost in the blinding avalanche of white paper that hides the rest of the house. Heaps of it fill every inch of our living room, an efficient blizzard of orderly, white stacks. My mother’s teeny tiny scrawl covers every inch of every sheet…”*gasp*Right? Can you imagine?Nali escapes her life by passing time at the library… Reading, doing homework- she has a nice little sanctuary where no one bothers her, or calls her names.Until Garrett Reese sits down next to her.When Garrett takes notice of her, that’s when everything fall’s apart- or comes together… however you want to see it! Jen, his wanna-be girlfriend freaks out… Nali gets ATTACKED by some crazy guy in the woods, wearing a mask, and talking gibberish! (You’ll never guess who it is!!)Garrett doesn’t care about the nasty things people say about Nali, he doesn’t care that her mother hoards paper filled with one line plot plans. He only cares about her. Awwwww!!!!!Choices…. Contego, Addo, The Fury and forgotten memories… Are only SOME of the things you’ll find in Cornerstone! The passion, heat and fire of two halves made whole is what sets this book apart!Misty Provencher totally blew me away! Cornerstone has it all- sizzling hot romance, tragic pasts and family secrets. You DO NOT want to miss this amazing start to what promises to be a fantastic series!